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Jill Rudison

Jill Rudison

Winter doesn’t seem to be ready to give up its grasp on the weather. Our fingers crossed that soon we will hear the chirping of birds, the buzzing of bees, and the fresh smell of spring in the air.

What other thoughts does spring stir up? The list could go on forever, but a few key things for muscle lovers ring true; short sleeves, shorts, and open toed sandals. Ahhhhhh heaven.

When spring finally hits, will you be looking for love or will you still be in awe and lust of these muscular beauties?

Whatever your situation, hoow about falling head over heels for one of these amazing women? You do love strong, muscular women or you wouldn’t be here. You do crave a woman that can easily wrap you around her finger, take charge, and use you for her own personal pleasure. It’s ok, you can admit it, no one here is going to judge you. That’s the beauty of visiting FemaleMuscle.com, we all enjoy the same thing. Hot, sexy women with muscle.

So whether you’re here to drool over Raye Hollitt’s enormously peaked biceps, lust over Jill Rudison’s huge shoulders, or whimper between the massive quads of Laura Binetti, this month’s work from Area Orion is sure to leave you lusting for more. Look’s like it’s going to be another “hard” day at work.


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Meet The Female Bodybuilder Who Paints Her Nails To Perfect Her Feminine Look


A conscious bodybuilder paints her nails to perfect her feminine look, despite her bulging muscles.

Tomoko Kanda admits she has managed to maintain her army of male admirers by wearing sexy outfits after she became worried that putting on so much muscle meant she was losing touch with her feminine side.

As one of the country’s most successful female bodybuilders the Japanese 47-year-old admits it’s important to keep her feminine touch in the male-dominated discipline.

She said: “I don’t worry about that anymore though, because I paint my nails and wear cute workout gear, and I now have a legion of male admirers constantly paying me compliments, and turning up at my performances to cheer me on.”
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Brazilian Bombshell – Janaína Ferreira

Marcello Dezallez_DSC1727

Photos courtesy of Marcello Dezallez

77-Year-Old Grandmother Lifts Big At The Gym

At the Maplewood YMCA in Rochester, New York, there’s one septuagenarian you won’t find working out with the lightweights: 77-year-old Willie Murphy.

At five feet tall, she’s a 105 pound powerhouse who can dead-lift more than twice her own weight, bench press 125 pounds, and run through push-ups like there’s no tomorrow.

“I’m old — If I can do it, get with it,” said Murphy. “It’s not that hard. I’m that new senior and I got it going on.”

She earned first place awards in her division at the World Natural Powerlifting Federation’s championships. She was named the 2014 Lifter of the Year after taking home gold in the dead-lift, power curl and bench press.
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Strength Of A Woman: True Courage Comes From Rising Above The Ordinary

Living ahead of the curve means you are a trendsetter; an early adopter of new things and ideas. But, being ahead of the curve, living a life above average, is not always as fabulous as it may sound. It can be a very lonely place. Especially when it comes to courage.

Somehow courage these days seems equated with action heroes leaping from tall buildings or athletes playing with injuries. But really, that’s their job. Not courage. Meanwhile, there are real and ordinary acts of courage that people perform daily that tend to be overlooked or dismissed.

This seems to be especially true of courageous acts demonstrated by women. Two shining examples of what it means to be courageous are Florencia “Flo” Burke and Monique Baza.
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The Judges Want To See Boobs


Dana Linn Bailey. Image courtesy Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn Bailey graduated from high school in 2001. She had been a voracious athlete, playing every sport she could: swimming, field hockey, basketball, soccer, softball, track. Petite and agile, but also broad-shouldered, Bailey naturally excelled at sports. She had a reputation as an edgy tomboy, the girl who could beat the guys. But underneath her hard-hitting personality she still had typical teenage insecurities.

“I was always a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee,” Bailey says now, chuckling. “I would see girls in high school with boobs spilling out of their shirts, but I was not confident in my body and I didn’t feel feminine. I just never had boobs.”

She played four years of soccer at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, leading the Golden Rams to the NCAA’s and regional playoffs. After college, with no structured sport to play, Bailey began weight training. She found a new person to compete against: herself. “I train because I love it. I love pushing myself harder and harder,” Bailey says.

Within a year, in 2006, she decided to start competing in regional amateur bodybuilding events put on by the National Physique Committee (NPC). She entered the Figure division, which focused on shape and muscularity, but not overall mass like the Bodybuilding division. Bailey hoped to eventually graduate from the amateur NPC to the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB)—the big leagues of bodybuilding—and in doing so, earn what’s commonly known as a “pro card.”
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What It’s Like To Be A Competitor


Sonia Ryan stood alongside the five other women in her category at the Fitness America show last October, sparkling in her emerald-green, sequined bikini under the bright stage lights. A little bit of that sparkle went out as she was announced last in her group, but disappointments like this have never been strong enough to get her out of the game.

Ryan, 40, a mother of four children — aged 12, 11, eight and five — is not a quitter. Of the five muscle-defining figure shows she has competed in, she’s never placed first. “Sometimes, it’s a roller coaster,” she says. “Some days, you just want to get off, but you can’t.” Ryan first became interested in bodybuilding because she wanted to feel healthier and better about herself. Competitive fitness provided her with an outlet to get out of her “mom space” and feel glamorous. She finds strength and pride in her healthier lifestyle (she’s a former smoker) — not necessarily by placing first.

Ryan is part of the growing trend of female competitive fitness (once more commonly known as bodybuilding). According to the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), there are now over 2,000 shows and events worldwide every year; in addition, bodybuilding.com’s women’s vertical reportedly saw growth of over 150% last year. The sport itself — and its desired body types — has continued to change over time.
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Australia’s Strongest Woman- Sharon Waters

Point Cook is home to the strongest woman in Australia. Sharon Waters is the only Australian to ever compete in the World’s Strongest Woman competition, where she came seventh. She is also a winner of the Miss Australasia bodybuilding championship and she holds the record for the most weight bench pressed by an Australian in a competition. Her record for bench pressing in competition is 140 kilograms, while her personal record is 160kg.

Originally from Manchester England, Ms Waters moved to Australia with her family when she was three-years-old. She described herself as a timid and shy person that had always wanted to be bigger and stronger.

“I used to look at female body building magazines behind my chemistry books at school because I was just fascinated by it,” Ms Water said. “In my mind I had this image of what I wanted to be. I really loved that Amazonian look, but I never thought I could be like that.”
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