Look Closely At This Self-Proclaimed Gym Rat… She’s Getting Stronger For A Reason!

Katja Harjanne 8 months pregnant
For fitness and exercise fanatics, even one or two days off in a week can feel like an eternity, so you can only imagine what is would be like for one of those people to become pregnant and be told they need to “take it easy.” There seems to be exercises for just about anyone, no matter what your shape, size, or level of physicality, so it’s only natural that women who become pregnant want in on the action!

When you have been working out for a long time, or you have a daily routine, it can be hard to switch it up or drop it altogether, but this video proves that just because you’re pregnant, “life doesn’t stop.”

At eight months pregnant, Katja Harjanne has found a way to keep to her tried and true daily routine while also staying healthy and safe.
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5 Myths About Women Weightlifters


Weightlifting is increasingly popular among women. Are your perceptions outdated?

Erin Parker can squat the weight of the average man, plus 10 pounds. She can hoist a 127-pound barbell over her head. If she wanted, she could lift most people she meets.

By all accounts, Parker, a 25-year-old weightlifter in San Francisco, is strong. And at 102 pounds and only 4 feet 11 inches tall, she’s also tiny.

“I think people are surprised,” says Parker about the typical reaction to her involvement in the sport, which brought her to the District of Columbia to compete in USA Weightlifting’s American Open Championships last weekend. The truth, though, is that “weightlifting is a sport for everyone,” she says. “You can be any weight or size and there’s a weight class for you.”

Myth No. 1, debunked.
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‘Strongest Girl in the World,’ Trades Weights for World Affairs


KHIMKI, Russia — It looks like the strongest girl in the world is trading in her weights for weighty world affairs.

After setting a world record and earning a hug from Arnold Schwarzenegger in Ohio last month, teen weight-lifting wunderkind and ardent Communist Maryana Naumova toured rebel-held eastern Ukraine on a peace mission — and has no plans to stop there.

“I’m just visiting the local kids [in Ukraine] trying to distract them from the war,” Naumova, 15, told NBC News in an exclusive interview in her home city of Khimki, Russia, last week.

Like many teens, Naumova’s Instagram feed is filled with selfies and frequent snaps of her Starbucks order. Subsequent snapshots with Hulk Hogan and heavyweights like Schwarzenegger, though, show this teen’s life is far from “normal.”
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Take It To The Next Level…Call Me!

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Lori Braun

Remember When….

It doesn’t seem all that long ago, getting fit and in shape was downright ridiculous. My, how times have changed, and we’re glad they did. Bring on the heavy weights, the squat racks, and the massive dumbbells.

In Memory Of Priscilla (Clarke) Freeman


Priscilla Freeman (left), Mark Bouvet and her husband Richard Freeman (right)

A former bodybuilder and wife of a well-known Christchurch businessman has died suddenly.

Priscilla Freeman, 44, was on holiday in Hanmer with her family when she became unconscious in a room at Chalets Motel in Hanmer on Friday night.

Emergency services were called, but the mother-of-four could not be revived.

Police have referred her death to the coroner.

PriscillaFreeman02Freeman competed internationally as a bodybuilder at several Universe championships, including in 2003, before retiring from the sport.

She was married to Onyx Homes director Richard Freeman who fought to save her life.

He took to social media to pay tribute to “my baby, love of my life, my rock, my amazing wife”.

“There’s a hole that will never fill . . . Amazing mother, sister, daughter and lover,” he posted on Facebook.

“I tried to get you back but couldn’t and it kills me.”

Richard Freeman declined to comment when contacted on Monday.

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Take Me Out To The Ball Game


With baseball season finally here, how can we not share an all time favorite lady of ours…..IFBB Pro Sarah Dunlap.

Yes, it’s been a long time since Sarah stepped on a competitive stage…but who can argue with the physique she brought to the stage. Besides, what’s not to love about some female muscle supporting our hometown team?

Strongwoman Shoulders The Weight Of A Male-Dominated Sport


It’s just two days before the 2015 Arnold Strongman Classic, an international competition for strongmen and strongwomen in Columbus, Ohio, and Brittany Diamond is worried.

As a relative newcomer to the sport, the 22-year-old from Boston has never even seen the 100-pound dumbbell she’ll soon be asked to lift and press with just one arm.

“Instead of it being filled with a solid weight, it’s almost like sand, where it’s a little tippy and uneven. So just because I haven’t ever tried that, I am a little bit nervous,” she says.

In the sport of strongman, athletes drag trucks, carry heavy objects and lift huge dumbbells over their heads. And strongmen are known for their size. The sport’s most famous star, Halfthor Bjornsson, is 6 feet 9 inches tall, 400 pounds, and plays a character named “The Mountain” on HBO’s Game of Thrones. Diamond is 5 feet 7 inches, 165 pounds, and doesn’t look like someone who lifts cars for fun.
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