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Lori Braun Meets Dracula – A Halloween Video

A classic meets a classic in this mashup of 2010 ghost woman Lori Braun and Count Dracula in the 1931 film. This was a last-minute halloween effort including a totally improvised voice-over by the marvelous Ulysses Jenkins and evil saxophone by Walker Davis.

Warning: This will scare the bejeezus out of you!

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Lori Video Investigations Live With the Dead Ghosts at Mt. Washington Hotel

Lori fears no man or woman, dead, alive or haunted. Even on her vacations, she is a ghost hunter, albeit with some muscle and style.

“In room 314 there supposedly still exists a hand turned and handcrafted four-poster bed that Carolyn shared with her first husband. Some have reported seeing a woman on the bed’s edge, slowly brushing her hair. Could it be that Carolyn Stickney still longs for some form of rest, even in spirit form?” (realhaunts)
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It’s OK to be strong & smart

Women of a certain age enjoy talking about being bombarded with less-than-empowering media messages when they were girls.

They’re right, of course. Madison Avenue’s idea of the appropriate aspirations for females tended to focus on bouncy hair and mastery of avocado-colored kitchen appliances.

But males have had their own challenges. And summer is the perfect time to bring this up.

Countless impressionable comic-book readers were confronted with the Charles Atlas bodybuilding ad, “The Insult that Made a Man Out of Mac.”

You know the story: Skinny guy, Mac, gets insulted by a big lunkhead on the beach. The bikini-clad girl Mac had been sitting next to immediately grows cold and distant. Mac orders the Atlas program and bulks up. Then, back on the beach, he decks the bully and hears that same girl coo, “Oh, Mac. You are a real man, after all!”
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Jamie Hope Pollack: Competing Over 40

Jamie Hope Pollack - NPC- National Level Masters Bikini Competitor I decided to join a gym and hire a personal trainer as a 40th birthday present to myself. I buy myself a birthday present every year and as it was my 40th I wanted it to be something special and meaningful. I had clothing, shoes, bags, sunglasses and jewelry. I wanted something that would be for me. I thought about it and came to the realization that I had been living a pretty sedentary life for many years. I drove to work, sat in my office, drove home, and sat on the couch in front of the TV after work. I had not done anything physical in quite some time. I said to myself that I was not getting any younger, it wasn’t going to get any easier, in fact it would only get harder as time went on, and I better do something to be more active.
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Lorena Cozza: Italian Athlete

Italian-born Lorena, with her explosive physique, lives and works in Italy.

Thanks to her physical qualities and talent, since 1998 she has achieved the best results and obtained a number of prestigious titles. Lorena, who is known as a leading Italian athlete in the world of professional fitness, even abroad, owes her results to her incisive character and inexhaustible energy, which has led her to hard weight-lifting trainings in the gymnasium for almost 14 years.

Her journey to compete started in 1998, after years of intense training under the close direction of a brilliant trainer. Seeing Lorena’s genetic qualities and willpower, he convinced her to take part in the small category of the Natural Female Selection for the New York World Championships, her springboard into the world of bodybuilding and competitive fitness.
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Lotte Bendix: MuscleMom!

lm10Can you tell us a little about yourself, your daily day training why you started training etc?

Since I was about 9-10 years, I have been deeply fascinated by the muscles, it’s probably started with the first television series on The HULK. When I was about 11 years was my only wish for Christmas, a 5-kg dumbbell and I was so sure that my mom bought it for me, the disappointment was huge when I did not get it. I chose to save my pocket money for even being able to buy it, and so I did! My knowledge on the sport was minimal and it was not so much. I have not just grown much exercise in elementary school, but when I got to high school it started to come. We had sports day and I joined the weightlifting. I was introduced to the sport through Lillerød Weightlifting Association, where they had set up a team of girls who would strength train. It was not long before I asked for permission to get on the team with the men, because I thought that the girls spent more time gab than to train, totally frivolous. I moved up to the men and began to happen a bit with my body. After a year, I chose to become a member of the ordinary. Gym in Birkeroed. , I worked on the body and took part in the championships begin, and DM. My best position was 3rd place at DM in the late eighties. Unfortunately, I was too focused on career and the sport came at a low level. I was employed in Q8 as business manager, and quickly became both superuser and teaches accounting, although I no education.
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Nicole Wilkins: 4-Time Miss Figure Olympia

Nicole Wilkins
For as long as I can remember, I have always been athletic. I started with ballet when I was five, then moved on to dancing and cheer leading. Growing up, I was usually outside riding bikes or climbing trees – you would rarely catch me inside playing with dolls.

My competitive career started early, when I dove into gymnastics at age seven and continued through high school as a gymnast and track and field standout. But it was two unfortunate events in particular that led me to another area of interest – the weight room.

The first happened when I was 15, when I tore the medial meniscus in my left knee and had to go in for surgery. Since I was still young, the doctors decided to try to stitch the injured area instead of removing the torn cartilage. Many months later – which included six weeks on crutches – I was finally back to normal … at least I thought. I was wrong. One year later, the tear was back, and worse.
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Yarishna: Angel of Puerto Rico

Yarishna Earlier today someone asked me, “Have you heard of Yarishna Ayala?”.  I replied, “isn’t that one of the angels?…..there’s Michael, Gabriel, Raphael,…Yarishna?…….maybe not, they all seem to end in ‘el'”.  “Well,” he said, “look her up because I think you’ll be impressed”.  So I did, I looked her up and before I could finish typing in “Yarish….”, Google with their automated fill in completed: Yarishna Nicole Ayala.  So I said to myself: you think you’re so smart Google?  I’m going to check the results for just “Yarishna”, I’m not even going to use the ayala, or the nicole. As the wisdom of Google prevailed, Yarishna Nicole Ayala easily dominates the first ten pages of Google results.  So, naturally being curious to who she was, I went back to my original theory that she might be an angel.  Super incredible body and IFBB Pro Card holder and something about her.  There’s something about Yarishna, and we think she may actually be an angel.
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