Monica Mollica

Monica was first featured in 2012. To see more of Monica check out her Facebook page.

Buff In Boots

No matter the reason for wearing them, whether it’s for function or fashion, there’s no denying how sexy boots can be. From the girl-next-door in her rain boots to the whip wielding Dominatrix in her thigh highs, we can’t help but stare and fantasize “what if”.

That’s ok for the masses, but you’re no average Joe. You’re here on FemaleMuscle because you’re a  1-percenter. That’s right, you are the minority. It takes more than just an overpriced pair of thigh-highs to catch your attention. You need more, you need muscle, you need someone buff in those boots to really make you fantasize “what if”.

So to help you fantasize, I thought I’d share a few of the women I’ve come across lately wearing all sorts of boots. Is there a pair here that really makes you stop and think? If not, here’s a suggestion, contact your favorite competitor and offer to get her a pair of boots. Ask her to take a picture and we’ll use it in an upcoming boot feature.

But for now, check out the gallery.

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To see the work of legendary Bill Dobbins, Click Here

Instead of more bikini contests what we need is more physique categories

By Bill Dobbins

I see a lot of female physique competitors who go into figure because they don’t think they can – or don’t want to – get as big and muscular as either amateur or pro bodybuilding champions. However, although you can make a lot of changes to the body with dieting and training, there seems to be very distinct differences in the genetics of bodybuilders vs. figure competitors. Like the story of the Ugly Duckling, ducks are ducks and swans are swans and wanting to be something other than you are doesn’t really accomplish anything.

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2007 Homegrown – Christy Donat

Christy Donat - Femalemuscle Homegrown

To see more of Christy – click the picture above or HERE

Christy is a forty-two (42) year old competitive bodybuilder, and mother of a six-year-old daughter. She has been a certified personal trainer for the past twenty–two (22) years and brings with her a strong understanding of the body, mind and the true meaning of self-discipline. Having studied classical ballet as an apprentice with Garden State Ballet from pre-teen through young adulthood she then went on to study the art of Ice Dance under the direction of David Owen and Scott Gregory at the Olympic Training Centers in Spring Valley, New York and Newark, Delaware.
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I think I’ll climb a giant bolder today.

Florencia Galang


Galang, 41 years old, is originally from the province of Bulacan in the Philippines, but has been on Guam since 1983 and calls it home.

Retro FemaleMuscle 2012: Monica Brennan

Here is a good photograph of Monica taken by our friend Gene X at Orange Photographymb_phixr.jpg

We also like Monica’s pleasing explanation of how she started working out as reported at Figure RX: “I had 3 older sisters who I had to defend myself against, LOL. I really did, I started working at the age of 12 at a coffee shop and in order to learn how exactly to defend myself I took up boxing. Any money I made went to my personal trainer, Chris Cardonia, from the Bellmore Kickboxing Academy in New York. We would weight train together and I noticed how fast my physique developed. I loved boxing but that was where my relationship with weight training took off. I did a bit of soccer in middle school but I liked boxing, it sounded tough and it was fun!”

Homegrown 2008: Mother of 2 – Abs of Steel

So speaks the title of one of our favorite Flickr girls contributor, Amproshoot. Posted May 5, 2008


Homegrown – Amanda Lannelli

Homegrown - Amanda Lannelli - Doug Janz

From our good friend and sports photographer Doug Jantz comes the beautiful Amanda Lannelli. To see more click HERE

Retro Files: Cornelia Brandt – Ms Universe 2004/2005/2008

Cornelia Brandt, is a bodybuilder who was successful early on in her competition and you can see why in the pictures below. She won her first title Ms. Universe 2004. It was only her second year of competition and 4th show she has entered. She had this to say about winning her first Ms. Universe Title:

WOW!! I really couldn´t believe what had happend to me. It was one of the happiest moments in my life. I knew that i did everything right and i made the possibly best out of my body. All the excitement paid off. That allone makes you a champ, a winner over yourself. That was the very first time that i cried backstage because i was so happy. I really couldn´t believe it!

Competition History:

  • West German Championchips of NAC 2003 – 1st place
  • International Germany Championships of NAC 2003 – 1st place
  • International Germany Championships of NAC 2004 – 1st place
  • Mr & Ms Universe of NABBA International 2004 in madrid / spain – 1st place
  • International Germany Championships of NAC 2005 – 1st place
  • Mr & Ms Universe of NABBA International 2005 in aachen / germany – 1st place
  • German Championships of NAC 2006 in Korntal – 1st place
  • World Championships of NABBA International in Benidorm / Spain – 1st place
  • German Champonships of NAC in Stuttgart in november 2008 – 1st place

Liza Reichenberger Pro Natural Bodybuilder a.k.a. Herculiza

Liza Reichenberger is a dynamic woman and is widely known as Herculiza, a very fitting name. She is involved in so many aspects of the industry is hard to know if she ever sleeps! She has been competing in bodybuilding since the 1980′s and her physique keeps getting better and better! In an interview she shared her entrance into the sport, even if her journey would be unsupported by the people closest to her.  

“I went into bodybuilding because all my friends said I should,” explains Liza, “because of the way I was built.  But before lifting a single dumbbell, I had already entered several arm-wrestling contests in local college nightclubs, where I won cases of beer for myself and my friends…My parents and family have never supported my bodybuilding career. They felt that I attracted the wrong sort of men, and thought my fitness modeling was sordid and embarrassing.”

It is a blessing to the industry that she overcame the negativity to be one amazing women who advocated the beauty of strong female muscle. Enjoy this gallery showcasing recent shoots all the way back to early competitions!

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