Brazilian Bombshell – Vanessa Lopes

Marcello Dezallez_Vanessa Lopes_DSC1427

Photos courtesy of Marcello Dezallez

Bodybuilding: Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy


Emi Monson’s story begins like so many others: she grew up in a fairly small city (Ham Lake, Minnesota), graduated college with honors, worked retail while attending college, and continued the retail route for a couple years after graduation to figure out where she wanted to go career-wise.

Deciding the retail route wasn’t in her long-term goals, Emi convinced her tattoo artist at the time to take her on as an apprentice in 2011. As of last September, Emi has been working at Jackalope Tattoo in Minneapolis. “We are an all-female shop and I absolutely love it,” she says.

And then came bodybuilding. Active in various sports most of her life, Emi fell off the wagon with active sports upon graduating high school and found herself engulfed in school and living on a school diet. This subsequently led to a 30-pound weight gain her freshman year of college. “Believe it or not, it wasn’t alcohol as I do not and did not drink,” she says. “When I realized how much weight I had gained, I kind of freaked out.”

Emi started hitting the gym every day, shedding every pound she had gained, eventually getting into yoga. It was one of her instructors (and now close friend) who had seen her progress in building strength and definition who suggested she try competing sometime.
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Hump Day Flex


We’ve all seen the Geico commercials with the camel…….”Guess what day it is….”

We decided to put a different spin on hump day and give you some of the hottest women on the planet, flexing and posing just for you. There’s nothing better to get you through that mid-week slide, than hard, thick FemaleMuscle.

So enjoy your Hump Day, any way you choose, just be certain to check out today’s gallery and……… well you know!


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Brazilian Bombshell – Loana Muttoni

Marcello Dezallez_Loana Muttoni_DSC1626

Photos courtesy of Marcello Dezallez

Happy New Year 2015

From all of us at FemaleMuscle, we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. May you find peace and joy in all your travels and endeavors.

Follow us as we close out 2014 and introduce new and exciting features and coverage in 2015.

Love and Muscles,


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Favorite Legs & Glutes


As I sit here, reflecting back on where FemaleMuscle has been and what lies ahead, it’s hard not to think about all those strong, powerful women we have featured and their amazing physiques. If you’ve been around FemaleMuscle long enough, you KNOW that I LOVE biceps. If you didn’t know that, just check around the site and see how often I flex mine. But when I think about raw power and a truly strong physique, my eyes can’t help but be drawn to the legs and glutes.

Thick powerful quads, strong bulging hamstrings and those round glorious glutes, women love to build them and aren’t afraid to show them off. (Inside secret guys, we know that you look, so we give you a reason to look).  It’s quite self-satisfying to see a guy checking us out, and watch their eyes scan down our physiques to our legs. The longer you stare, the more we know all that hard work in the gym, heavy squats, leg presses and rep after rep of leg extensions and curls, has worked.

Now that you know the secret, here’s some of my favorite leg and glute shots. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


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Boxing Day? No It’s FLEXING Day



Accoring to Wikipedia, “Boxing Day” is a holiday traditionally celebrated the day following Christmas Day, when servants and tradespeople would receive gifts, known as a “Christmas box”, from their bosses or employers, in the United Kingdom, Barbados, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and other former British colonies. Today, Boxing Day is the bank holiday that generally takes place on 26 December.

Here at FemaleMuscle, we don’t celebrate “Boxing Day”….we have a much more honored and cherished tradition that we’d like to pass along to you…….HAPPY FLEXING DAY!!!

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Happy Holidays 2014


In the spirit of this wonderful holiday season, from all the FemaleMuscle staff, I wish you and your loved ones hope, peace and happiness.

As we begin to reflect on 2014, I thought I would share some of my favorite photos that will hopefully become some of your favorites as well.

Love and muscles,

~ Lori Victoria Braun

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