Bodybuilding Mum’s Battle With Bowel Disease That Nearly Killed Her

Louise Stock, 30, was barely able to walk and off work for six months

A female bodybuilder has told how a debilitating illness made her lose three stone in a month, nearly led to cancer, and almost killed her.

Mum-of-two Louise Stock dropped to just 7st at the worst point after developing pancolitis – a disease which spreads throughout the large intestine.

After a marriage break up, the 30-year-old hit the gym to get over it and was at the peak of her physical fitness last May when struck down with the condition.

It was just three months before she was due to take part in her first bodybuilding contest after nearly a year of training.
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Lori’s Favorites: Female Bodybuilders



For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the look and aesthetic of a fit, athletic, female physique. When I first came across women who had taken their bodies and athleticism to the next level, I knew I had found my home. Not only for myself physically but also for the look I wanted to achieve. Knowing that we all can’t be Ms. Olympia, or even come close to that level, I strived to be the best I could with the genetics I was born with. I’m very happy and very proud of what I’ve accomplished.

There have been a few women, along my journey that have motivated me, inspired me and given me the drive to build a strong, muscular physique. And though I will never step on a competitive stage, I can still flex my biceps, smile and be thankful for these handful of women that I admire.

So today, in honor of them and their accomplishments and for all the dreams they inspired, I give you some of my most favorite female bodybuilders of all time.

Mancino Ornella


46 year old Mancino Ornella from Salerno, Italy has been training just under a year with her sights set on competing. With a July 2015 show on the horizon, Mancino is extremely busy balancing her online wedding favors store, raising her 3 children ages 23, 10 and 7, and finding time to hit the gym for training.

Mancino’s dedication to her training shows in her remarkable transformation with less than a year of training. She has built up to some pretty impressive lifts in that short time.
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‘My Mom Can Bench Press Your Mom’

Hnads On

Feminine strength comes in many forms. The physical kind is on display now in a photography exhibition at City Hall featuring female power lifters in honor of Women’s History Month.

Before taking on this project, photographer Liane Brandon barely knew power lifting for women existed. That changed after her personal trainer Jessica Diedrich explained she was getting ready for a competition.

Stereotypes of female bodybuilders with skimpy costumes and bulging muscles filled Brandon’s imagination. She didn’t say it out loud, but admits she was confused by Diedrich’s pursuit.
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Death Threat In Bodybuilders’ Love Triangle


A dumbbell professional bodybuilder threatened to kill his iron-pumping ex-girlfriend and her new flame in a no-holds-barred street takedown, Manhattan court papers show.

Shadie Assad was infuriated that fellow bodybuilder and former gal pal Jill Livoti had posted pics of herself with her musclebound new beau, Capriese Miller, online.

“Not once you posted pics of me and you,” Assad, 29, raged in a text message to Livoti, 43, in September, according to court papers.

“I swear don’t let me catch you in the street. I’ll bust your face wide open!”
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Kick Your Life Into High Gear


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Trader Guilty In Assault On Female Bodybuilder Over ‘Stinky Halal Food’


Kicking him out of a Porsche over his smelly food was harsh, but that didn’t give a Wall Street trader the right to beat up the woman who ousted him.

Manhattan jurors took less than two hours to render a guilty verdict Tuesday against wealthy stockbroker Quintano Downes for the 2013 attack on a female bodybuilder who complained she couldn’t take the stink of his takeout Halal-cart food in her pal’s fancy car.

Sahara Walsh, 30, testified that Downes drunkenly hopped into the back seat of her pal’s sports car and demanded a ride home after a night of partying in Harlem.

“I told him to get out of the car with his stinky Halal food,” she said on the stand. “It was spicy, nasty street food. I said, ‘No, we’re not a cab. Get out of the car with your smelly Halal food.’”
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Brazilian Bombshell – Alessandra de Oliveira

Marcello Dezallez_DSC8124

Photos courtesy of Marcello Dezallez

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