Don’t Eat Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels
from the FemaleMuscle Staff!

Thanksgiving Turkey Free Song

For everyone that tells me that they are giving up turkey this thanksgiving I will do 25 pushups and personally I will send you the video.

Listen NOW!

Don’t eat a turkey
they are cute and pretty birds
gobble gobble gobble
the sweetest sound I ever heard

Don’t eat a turkey
have tofu instead
then have you some stuffing
even though theres lots of bread

Don’t eat a turkey
they fill them full of roids
just so their breasts get big
it makes me real annoyed
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Mavi Gioia: Italian Female Wrestling Stallion

This raven-haired beauty could be the future leader of La Bella Mafia. Mavi, a former Miss World Fitness Champion, had attained her glory as one of the elite in the fitness field when the wrestling bug bit her. After an alarmingly short training period, she began her career in the training territory of the X.F.W. and quickly became one of its top stars. Although she’s technically a raw rookie, there’s nothing raw about her technical abilities.

With a mindset on breaking down her opponents that is reminiscent of Ocean Bloom, Mavi seems to do it with the steely eyed glint of a professional cleaner. Depending on her opponent’s weakness, the black widow will target either her foes neck, back or legs, breaking down the body part en route to sealing the deal with one of her lethal finishers. Look for great things from this young, gorgeous grappler.
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Eleonora Dobrinina: in her own words, and SHREDDED!

Eleonora has a commanding presence, an amazing physique, and she is downright beautiful. She is a WBFF’s Pro fitness model, personal trainer/online coach and she is quintessentially SHREDDED.

In Her Own Words

When I was first born, I remember everybody was incredibly tall and talked to me like I was an idiot. Naturally, I had to grow up to be a bit of a rebel! (HA-HA!)…..

Any way to be serious I see some people get confused about where I was born and where I lived , mostly now because I live in Canada Toronto. I added my city Krasnodar ,Russia because this is really where I was born and I was there only till 3 years old , then my parents move to Moldova, as before it was Russia there was no confusion. But after 1992 every damn city became independent and create their own government LOL… so now when I see Russian sites where I already shining from their pages :D proud !!! VERY!!!
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Joanna Romano Cano Offers Encouragement

jr0Notice to all the girls that start and become among the first three in competition. There are people who are in charge of trying to conquer them in a cowardly way and without respect for other preparers, promising preparations and dreams that obviously all want to achieve, reach to the most high in the world of fitness, photography, competitions in the United States, Stands, sponsors, reports etc. Beware all what you paint pink because they may not be as nice as described. I’m not saying more.

~Joanna Romano

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Instead of More Bikini Contests What We Need Is More Physique Categories

Monica_Brant-Studio-043008_036By Bill Dobbins

I see a lot of female physique competitors who go into figure because they don’t think they can – or don’t want to – get as big and muscular as either amateur or pro bodybuilding champions. However, although you can make a lot of changes to the body with dieting and training, there seems to be very distinct differences in the genetics of bodybuilders vs. figure competitors. Like the story of the Ugly Duckling, ducks are ducks and swans are swans and wanting to be something other than you are doesn’t really accomplish anything.

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Liza Reichenberger Pro Natural Bodybuilder a.k.a. Herculiza

Liza Reichenberger is a dynamic woman and is widely known as Herculiza, a very fitting name. She is involved in so many aspects of the industry is hard to know if she ever sleeps! She has been competing in bodybuilding since the 1980’s and her physique keeps getting better and better! In an interview she shared her entrance into the sport, even if her journey would be unsupported by the people closest to her.

“I went into bodybuilding because all my friends said I should,” explains Liza, “because of the way I was built.  But before lifting a single dumbbell, I had already entered several arm-wrestling contests in local college nightclubs, where I won cases of beer for myself and my friends…My parents and family have never supported my bodybuilding career. They felt that I attracted the wrong sort of men, and thought my fitness modeling was sordid and embarrassing.”

It is a blessing to the industry that she overcame the negativity to be one amazing women who advocated the beauty of strong female muscle. Enjoy this gallery showcasing recent shoots all the way back to early competitions!
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Buff In Boots

201203Nicole_BallNo matter the reason for wearing them, whether it’s for function or fashion, there’s no denying how sexy boots can be. From the girl-next-door in her rain boots to the whip wielding Dominatrix in her thigh highs, we can’t help but stare and fantasize “what if”.

That’s ok for the masses, but you’re no average Joe. You’re here on FemaleMuscle because you’re a  1-percenter. That’s right, you are the minority. It takes more than just an overpriced pair of thigh-highs to catch your attention. You need more, you need muscle, you need someone buff in those boots to really make you fantasize “what if”.

So to help you fantasize, I thought I’d share a few of the women I’ve come across lately wearing all sorts of boots. Is there a pair here that really makes you stop and think? If not, here’s a suggestion, contact your favorite competitor and offer to get her a pair of boots. Ask her to take a picture and we’ll use it in an upcoming boot feature.

But for now, check out the gallery.

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