Greek Goddess: Anastasia Papoutsaki

ap0There is a new Greek Female Bodybuilding Goddess and her name is Anastasia Papoutsaki. In this context we welcome Anastasia Papoutsaki of Heraklion, Crete. Anastasia has a long history in competitive sports from an early age, starting on the track as a track athlete at the 100m and later focusing on the 400m hurdles receiving honors in Greece and abroad.

After closing her circle in track athletics and while weights always attracted her, she felt it was the right time to seriously get into the “iron” sport, bodybuilding. This year was her first distinction in bodybuilding by winning the Ms. Crete title. With the help of her coach and the support from the specialized supplements WarriorLab she is on her way for even greater achievements.
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Friday Super Gallery

Some of Lori’s favorites….enjoy!

Brazil’s Top Fitness and Figure Model: Eva Andressa Vieira

evaandressa0Eva Andressa Vieira was born in Curitiba, Parana State. She was one of the best representatives from Brazil for bodybuilding. Eva began her bodybuilding career when she was 17 years old to improve her body aesthetic; because her body was too skinny. However because of lack support, she quit her training until she finally met Jardel Barros, an athlete who became her personal trainer. Through Jardel Barros, Eva Andressa was taken to attend bodybuilding competition. Her first competition was in 2005, in Figure NABBA. She later became the Brazilian champion in 2006.  Now she is one of the top fitness models in the world for over 10 years.

Take a look at the photo gallery we’ve assembled and you can see why she’s at the top of her game.
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Huge Female Biceps Gallery

Some guys are leg men, and some are into butts. The guys I like most of all are the ones that love big, biceps. Why? Because I love to flex mine!

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Nina Furseth: Aiming for the Stars

I was born May 19th 1980, and grew up in a quite small place, on the west coast of Norway. My great interest in and passion for fitness and training began at the age of 11, when I started doing jazz ballet. Later on, throughout my early years, I trained a lot of aerobics, step, spinning and bodypump, and I just loved it! Therefore, at the age of 20, I took the education that was required and became Certified Aerobic Instructor. This year (2000) was when I moved to Oslo, the capital of Norway, to study, and I worked part-time as an aerobics instructor at a small fitness centre there.

My interest in, and concern for health and nutrition started at an early age too, and I soon discovered the importance of proper nutrition and how it was connected to training and physical exercise. I read a lot about the subject to get as much knowledge as possible, and I just found it to be more and more interesting and important. It is safe to say that “Healthy Living” already then had become a real lifestyle for me.
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Stevenage Bodybuilding Sisters On Weights, Steroid Stereotypes And Health Benefits

If you asked most people what a female bodybuilder looked like they’d probably describe an oversized specimen with bulging muscles, stretched skin and a deep voice.

But Stevenage sisters April Drackford and Hannah Jones are trying to shatter this perception of their chosen sport and the people who take part in it – and they’re living proof that you don’t have to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s little sister to be a success.

When they entered the Miami Pro Universe championships in London it was their first competition – and they admit that there were nerves ahead of the big day.

But after competing in the bikini, fitness model and Yummy Mums sections they are now itching to get back on stage.
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Why You Want A Woman Who Lifts

Why-We-Love-Women-Who-Lift-702x336By Ryan “6 Pack” Lapadat (@6PackLapadat)

Gone are the days women don’t lift weights because they’re afraid they will lose sex appeal. As a matter of fact, it is now common to associate sex appeal for women with weightlifting. Catch phrases like “Yeah, she squats” have become the norm. Memes bearing sentiments like “Squat, because no one ever wrote a song about a girl with a small butt” trend on social media. Strong has become the new skinny — and skinny has instead become the new lazy.

The attraction to women who lift goes beyond just the physical gains. Women who lift exhibit the type of commitment, long-term goal setting, and discipline that makes them alpha females. Ambition and positivity are both contagious and attractive. All these traits come together to give a woman the type of confidence that you can’t fake.
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Don’t Eat Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels
from the FemaleMuscle Staff!

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