Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

From the U.S. Sun: (also credit TikTok/IrisDavisFitness)

“A PROFESSIONAL bodybuilder has begun preparing a new killer workout regimen as she’s set to turn 80 – and it’s wowed fans.

Iris Davis, 79, took to Instagram to share her killer workouts that keep her going as she enters her eighth decade……….Not only is she believed to be the world’s oldest bodybuilder, but she has a rigorous diet that keeps her in peak form to stay that way.

“I have a very bland diet, and I’ve been on it for the last 20 years,” she told the news publication.”I eat chicken, fish, or a steak — that’s my protein, [then] a salad every single night, [and] one small potato.”

Iris added: “I’m the oldest bodybuilder, probably, in the world.”