Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024
TalkLive Founder Lori Victoria Braun

Are you an Expert? Can you share your strength, hope and experience on the phone with others?

You can make money helping people: “Time is money” and they will pay to talk with you. Make $3.00/minute and $180/hour by just talking on the phone.

Time is the one thing in life, you can never get back. Why waste it? Help others with your expertise and earn a living.

As an operator on TalkLive, you have the ability to live and enjoy your life, and still connect with people and help others who WANT to speak one on one with you. People will call you, no work or marketing is necessary. Go to the gym, do your laundry, cook, clean, read a book, or go to the beach and enjoy the sun, our system will call you when someone wants to speak to you based on your Operator Profile, expertise and knowledge.

Talk anytime, anywhere about anything and get paid for your actual call time.


What is TalkLive?

TalkLive is a stand alone entity that carries with it a 20 year history of love and dedication to connect people together. Our roots were with simple ads placed in New York City’s Village Voice, which was our main source of advertising until the advent of the internet in the mid to late 90s.

Talklive has outlived AOL, Myspace, DIGG, and numerous other interactive and social networking platforms. We have confidence in predicting that we will outlive many more. TalkLive will continue to thrive.

Getting Started

Simply complete the form on this link and we will set you up on the system and you can start making money. In most cases, we can have you up and running within a day.