Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Samantha Jerring lives in Helsingborg, Sweden. In this video she is 14 weeks out from her PRO-qualifier competition in Spain. Samantha did her first PRO-qualifier show last year and finished second in the overall.

“The woman that beat me was amazing and she definitely deserved it. Hopefully, this is my time.”

Samantha is trying to make the most out of every workout she has and trying to stay as strong as possible.

“I try to eat as much as I can and not doing too much cardio because I want my muscles to look as full and healthy as possible.”

The reason why Samantha got into bodybuilding is a long story but to make it short; she was overweight and really insecure about herself. That got her into fitness and back in 2013, she followed an Olympia level Pro Women’s Physique athlete on Instagram when this division was new. This inspired her. Samantha wanted to look like her and got herself a gym card. She had no idea what she was doing, literally no clue about anything in the gym.

“I walked in there and I knew it was my place to be. I am always doing my thing despite what anybody says. Many people have told me that I cant do this, you are not able to do that, you are not gonna make it and so on. As long as you believe in yourself, who gives a f*ck what anyone thinks.”

WORKOUT: Pec dec (warmup isolation exercise) 3×15 Dumbell incline chest press 4×6 reps Anterior delt dumbell flies 4×8-10 reps Cable bicepcurls 3×8-0 reps Dumbell bicepcurls 3×10-12 reps Tricep pushdowns 3×8 reps Dips maxreps x 2 sets

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