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Dani Elle Speegle Shares 7 Simple Ways to Make 2022 Your Year

She may have amassed over 800,000 followers on Instagram, but Dani Elle Speegle is so much more than a fitness influencer. Not only is she a three-time CrossFit Games athlete and a winner of NBC’s “The Titan Games,” but Speegle is also an advocate for body and food positivity, serving as inspiration for women who want to feel as powerful as they are beautiful. Dani Elle Speegle Fitness

As she’s proved through countless challenges and achievements, that she can do anything she puts her min to, and she believes that you can too. Here are her tips for making 2022 your best year yet!

1 | Don’t Starve Yourself; Eat Good Food!

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Not everyone has a great relationship with food, especially women. “There’s still an underlying stigma with food,” Speegle says. “I think that to have a healthy relationship with yourself and your body, you have to have a healthy relationship with food—and it’s not just about diet choices. It’s about being comfortable just eating.” She hopes that in the new year, we can start creating a healthier outlook on food and begin seeing it as fuel and nourishment.

Dani Elle Speegle Fitness

2 | Work Out

Credit: Aaron Brimhall

As an athlete and a new part of the Tru Grit team, Speegle believes that working out with top-notch equipment should be accessible, even from home. “I love companies that aren’t afraid to come in and disrupt a category, and that’s exactly what Tru Grit did,” she explains. “We’re going to make a lot of noise.” Much like how Speegle is breaking stereotypes, Tru Grit is doing that in its own way by offering high-quality equipment and sleek aesthetics at affordable prices.

3 | Get in a Good Mindset

Credit: Aaron Brimhall

“If you’re someone who is happy and you’re typically in a good headspace, it makes it easier to go to the gym and be healthy,” Speegle shares. “If you don’t have a good mindset or the motivation to do anything, then it’s not going to happen… So I’d say above all, mental health and wellness is the first step to getting any kind of physical goal accomplished.” Finding that positive mindset will not only make it easier to achieve your goals (both fitness-oriented or personal), but it’ll kick off a cycle to keep you going strong.

4 | Break Boundaries and Stereotypes

Credit: Aaron Brimhall

Speegle is known for creating a platform that inspires others to make healthy, positive changes and step outside of preconceived barriers, boundaries and stereotypes. “My whole brand is centered around women breaking stereotypes… We don’t have to be one thing. You can be beautiful and graceful, but you can also be strong and powerful. You can be an athlete, but you can also be an intellectual,” she explains. “Be true to what you want. It can be anything in life… You just have to be true to yourself.”

5 | Empower Girls

As an athlete, Speegle is all for some healthy competition, but competing against your fellow female for a seat at the table is not something we should take into 2022. This year is going to be all about empowerment and lifting each other up. “We have to be able to hype women up in any way that we can because there are still so many things that we have to fight for,” Speegle shares. “For the longest time, and even now, women just get torn down in every sense. So until things like basic human rights and decency become a norm for women, it has to come from us supporting each other.”

Dani Elle Speegle Fitness

6 | Stop Caring About What Others Think

It can be really hard to stop caring about what others think, but Speegle insists that it’s a goal worth having, especially if it’s getting in the way of you living your happiest, most authentic life. “It’s definitely not something you’re going to [write on your to-do list], like ‘I need to do the laundry, go grocery shopping and stop giving a sh!t,’” she laughs. “It’s about waking up and saying, ‘Today I’m going to be my truest self no matter how that comes about… Today, I’m doing what I want to do regardless of what society says I can or cannot do.’”

7 | Have a Healthy Relationship With Social Media

Credit: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

All of us know the dark side of social media—from the doom-scrolling to not-so-nice comments and constantly comparing your reality to someone else’s highlight reel—but Speegle has a tip for reframing your relationship with social media in 2022, especially if you’re working on building a brand. “No matter what you do, not everyone is going to love what you do… You can’t please everybody,” she says. “My biggest advice is don’t build something you think other people will like—you have to go on and be authentic and be happy with what you produce.”

Dani Elle Speegle Fitness

Dani Elle Speegle

Tru Grit Fitness

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