Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
5 female fitness influencers in Malaysia to follow for a boost of motivation

5 female fitness influencers in Malaysia to follow for a boost of motivationSHARE

Get inspired by these female fitness influencers in Malaysia and exercise gurus who motivate their followers through diet and exercise tips, workout videos, sharing their own journeys, and more.

Striving to achieve your workout goals in 2022? If you’ve let your fitness take a backseat during the pandemic, you’re not alone. Many of us saw our exercise routine disrupted and missed the adrenaline rush of in-person classes during the MCOs.

You may be looking to switch up your workout routine with a new exercise or just need some #fitspo to help you get in better shape for an upcoming holiday. Following fitness influencers help you maintain your drive and you’ll pick up some useful tips to keep you active and healthy.

So if you need a boost of motivation to get you back in the gym, follow these fitness influencers in Malaysia. Their energy alone is enough to inspire you to keep pushing yourself towards a healthier and fitter you. As fitness entrepreneurs, they’ve also carved a name out of themselves in the fitness industry, inspiring others looking to get their foot in the door.

Here are five amazing fitness influencers in Malaysia you should follow on Instagram:

Nana Al-Haleq

Nana Al-Haleq is a fitness model, wellness coach, athlete and Under Armour ambassador. She may be incredibly fit already, but she inspires others with her constant drive to work harder and keep improving on her form. On her Instagram, she regularly posts videos of her workouts and what she’s learned along the way. If you want to get stronger and leaner, Nana Al-Haleq is a true inspiration.

Maggy Wang

Fitness entrepreneur Maggy Wang is a fitness trainer/coach at @motionlabmy, a fitness enthusiast, podcast host, and famous TV presenter. On her page @movewithmaggy, you can follow workout videos and join a community where you can also sign up for Zoom workout sessions.

Sonia Naidu

Originally from Sarawak, Sonia Naidu is a model, FlyClimb Instructor at FlyProject, and Founding Instructor at Afterburn Fitness Studio. On her Instagram, she motivates others by posting her workout videos, challenges, and tips, while providing followers with a peek into her lifestyle dedicated to fitness.

Steffi Sarge Kaur

Proving that girls can excel in sports just as much as boys can, Steffi Sarge Kaur is an inspiration to budding female athletes everywhere. The national football player and fitness influencer represented Malaysia at the 2017 KL SEA Games, and has held her own in the male-dominated sport of football. Follow her to keep with her active lifestyle and find out how she maintains a clean diet while training.

Joanna Soh

Certified Trainer and Nutrition Coach Joanna Soh constantly motivates and encourages her followers to tweak their mindset in order to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Besides posting exercise videos YouTube, she is also the founder of Fio., a fitness app that encourages being gym-free. As an advocate of mental and physical well-being, she also regularly posts wholesome recipe ideas and tips to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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