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In today’s world, social media has become the new social proof. Social media users are ever more looking for influencers to get insights into product reviews, seek knowledge on issues and connect with individuals with whom we share common issues. What an influencer does here is to use their ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media platforms. Similarly with consumers becoming more health-conscious brands are looking to fitness influencers to help leverage their brands, sell their products, and inspire people to lead healthy lives. In this article we present some of the top fitness influencers making a huge impact on social media and how businesses can tap into this trend to connect more with their customers.


Why Your Brand Should Consider Partnering with a Fitness Influencer

Fitness influencers can help brands connect with new audiences outside of traditional channels. Especially if you are in the fitness industry you can use fitness influencers to help you capture some market share. You should also look into what is cameo and how can you use it for celebrity influencers? This is a platform that connects celebrities with businesses. Some of the reasons why you should consider partnering with fitness influencers include:

Better connect with customers: No one knows better their audience than influencers. Influencers have mastered the art of continuingly engaging with their audiences and building a large following. They do this by producing content that their audiences are seeking, making them viable partners for your promotion needs.

Boost brand awareness: When an influence showcases your product and services you are not only getting an endorsement but also promoting your brand. At the very least people will know about your brand and might be inclined to research it.

They are considered ae reliable authorities: influencers are trusted by their fans. When they offer audiences unique perspectives of products and services customers will pay attention.

Influencers have mastered the art of selling: The craft of influencing requires constantly coming up with compelling content that people will like, share and comment on. They craft their productions to appeal to their audiences making their messages more organic and that comes from real people which audiences relate to.

Influencers are cost-effective: Influencers already have captivated audiences and often do their own productions. Unlike traditional advertising, influencers offer higher levels of targeted reach and engagement making them a bargain.

Top Instagram Fitness Influencers in 2021

Below are some of the top fitness influencers on Instagram to help you in your fitness journey:

1. Eva Andressa @eva-andressa (6.1 million followers)

Eva Andressa is a Brazilian fitness model on YouTube and Instagram. She has even competed at fitness competitions including the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) and was nominated for the Shorty Award for Social Fitness.

2. Louise Fitcoach @louise_fitcoach (300k followers)

Public figure

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3. Michelle Lewin (14.3 million)

Michelle Lewin is a clinic technician from Venezuela and is among the popular Instagram fitness influencers around. She regularly posts workout videos and health tips for health enthusiasts, Lewin owns a line of supplements and fitness equipment and has released two mobile apps, Fitplan for Android and iOS, and Mealplan for Apple smartwatch users.

4. Jennifer Selter @jenselter (12.4 million)

Jennifer Selter is a New Yorker-based influencer her Instagram account is packed full of body-building tips and short workout routines.

5. Kayla Itsines @kayla_itsines (13.5 million)

Kayla Itsines is the popular author of the Body-Building Guide book. This fitness influencer on Instagram publishes post-pregnancy workouts and low-calorie recipes. She even posts videos on YouTube for her growing community of followers.

6. Ana Cheri @anacheri (12.5 million)

Ana Cheri is a model, actress, and fitness influencer on Instagram. Cheri often shares her workouts and offers programs on how to lose weight.

7. Emily Skye @emilyskyfit (2.5 million)

Emily Skye is a Reebok global ambassador and Australian fitness model who inspires women to use weight training to lead healthier lives. In addition, she is a blogger, online coach, and make-up artist.

8. Sommer Ray @sommerray (26.8 million)

Sommer Ray is a fitness model and among the popular fitness influencers on Instagram with a massive social media following. A former competitive bodybuilder posts videos of her workout sessions on Instagram.

9. Hannah Stocking @hannahstocking (19.9 million)

Hannah Stocking is a fitness influencer and model who works for ads of weight loss and slimming products.

10. Anna Victoria (1.1 million)

Anna Victoria uses her Instagram account to offer fitness inspiration, workout,s and sculpting sessions. She is also the creator of the @fitbodyapp, available on iOS and Google Play Stores.

11. Bradley Simmonds @bradleysimmonds (416,000)

Bradley SimmondsBradley Simmonds is a celebrity personal trainer that has trained the likes of Caroline Flack and Roman Kemp. He is one of the UK’s top fitness influencers regularly posting workout routines while working out at the local gym or at home.

12. Bella Falconi @bellafalconi (4.1 million)

Bradley Simmonds is a fitness model, nutritionist, and certified personal trainer. This life coach regularly posts on nutrition, sports, and fitness.

13. Alexa Jean Hunt @alexajeanfitness (1.5 million)

Bradley Simmonds is a mother of two who has created the home-workout app, Bode by Lex. She has also developed a wellness guide for expecting mothers and often features her daughters in her workout sessions.

14. Ross Dickerson @dickersonross (2.6 million)

Bradley Simmonds is a UK-based fitness model and bodybuilder on Instagram. In 2013 he won first place at the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) European championships he followed his success by coming second place in 2014.

15. Massy Arias @massy.arias (2.7 million)

Massy Arias is CEO of TRU SUPPLEMENTS and is a notable fitness influencer. Her Instagram feeds offer yoga and cardio videos. She also shares content from her followers, including their before-after pictures.

16. Lauren Drain @laurendrainfit (3.7 million)

Lauren Drain is a registered nurse and personal trainer on Instagram. This fitness influencer publishes content on workout regimens and nutrition guides.

17. Rachel Brathen @yoga_girl (2 million)

Rachel Brathen is a Swedish fitness influencer with a passion for yoga. Brathen shares yoga routines and tips to maintain mental, physical, and spiritual well-being through yoga on Instagram.

18. Julia Gilas @juliagilas (4.4 million)

Julia Gilas is a fitness model and personal trainer who help her followers stay motivated and get fit.

19. Kelsey Wells (2.8 million)

Kelsey Wells is an Instagram influencer who posts recipes and burn-out sessions. She also posts her followers before-after images. Kelsey’s content is a good mix of recipes, burn-out sessions, BTS from events she attends, and personal pictures.

20. Simeon Panda @simeonpanda (7.9 million)

Simeon Panda is a British fitness influencer he also has his own sportswear line and fitness accessories.

21. Bradley Martyn @bradleymartyn (3.9 million)

Bradley Martyn is an Instagram star, physique competitor, and fitness guru.  This fitness influencer runs a gym in Los Angeles and his posts feature his ripped physique and workout sessions.

22. Lyzabeth Lopez @lyzabethlopez (1.6 million)

Lyzabeth Lopez is the founder of Hourglass Workout and a fitness influencer. She is a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, author of many eating plan books whose feeds focus on pre and post-pregnancy-friendly content.

23. Anllela Sagra @anllela_sagra (13.9 million)

Anllela Sagra is a Colombian fitness influencer, personal trainer, and Internet celebrity. She is sponsored by 1UP Nutrition and offers workout plans to clients.

24. Ulisses Jr. @ulissesworld (8.5 million)

Ulisses Jr is a fitness instructor, bodybuilder and fitness model. He organizes workout programs and meal plans for his clients.

25. Sandra Prikker @sandraprikker  (2.8 million)

Sandra Prikker is an athlete and Instagram fitness influencer from the Netherlands. She promotes fitness routines and veganism.

26. Andrei Deiu @andreideiu (4.8 million)

Andrei Dieu is a popular Instagram fitness influencer that posts videos and photos of himself working out at the local gym, eating healthy, and also offering useful tips on different supplements.

27. Paige Hathaway @paigehathaway (3.8 million)

Paige Hathaway is a popular fitness model and Instagram Influencer. Her Instagram account posts photos of her fit body as well as her family photos including photos of her little daughter. She also posts photos of her clients that have managed to get their bodies fit after joining her programs.

28. Whitney Simmons @whitneyysimmons (3.2 million)

Whitney Simmons is an Instagram sensation that often posts motivational posts and photos of her physique and those of her friends while her working out at the gym.

29. Karina Elle @karinaelle (1.6 million)

Karina Elle Lisenbee is an American Instagram fitness model, gym instructor, and former cross-country runner. She uses her Instagram account to post her intense gym workouts and does brand endorsement for Gymshark and Nike.

30. Anna Victoria @annavictoria (1.1 million)

Anna Victoria is an American fitness trainer and fitness model who emphasizes a healthy body and an even healthier mind. Besides doing fitness modeling she also creates her own fitness training regime for women.

31. Valentina Lequeux @valentinalequeux (1.9 million)

Valentina Lequeux is a fitness model, personal trainer, and Instagram sensation. She began posting pictures and videos of her journey on social media in 2016, has her own sportswear and has garnered various fitness and modeling endorsements, including Bang Energy Drinks.

32. Amanda Lee @amandaeliselee (11.4 million)

Amanda Lee is a fitness model, certified personal trainer, and Pilates instructor. She posts exercise videos has partnered up with EHP labs as a brand ambassador for the health and fitness supplement company.

33. Tammy Hembrow @tammyhembrow (13.4 million)

Tammy Hembrow is an Australian fitness mentor, YouTuber, and social media star.  Besides posting fitness-related content she also posts sponsored Instagram posts for Protein World and Teami Blends.

34. Nastya Nass @nastya_nass (7.9 million)

Nastya Nass is a dancer and gym instructor.  Nass also has a fitness program that she manages on her personal website

35. Halle Berry @halleberry (7 million)

Halle Berry is an American actor who also promotes a healthy lifestyle and fitness. She has partnered with FitOn a digital fitness app and even has her own clothing line called Sweaty Betty.

36. Bret Contreras @bretcontreras1 (1.1 million)

Bret Contreras has a Ph.D. in sports science and is also known as the glute guy. He is also the inventor of barbell hip thrust.

37. James Smith @jamessmithpt (882,000)

James Smith is a personal trainer often likened to the ‘Gordon Ramsay of the fitness world. Smith’s unorthodox style includes takedowns of everything from dodgy fitness influencers to unhelpful health crazes.

38. Kaisa Keranen @kaisafit (1 million)

Kaisa Keranen is a fitness educator, personal trainer, and social media influencer.  She shares her passion for helping people get fit and was previously involved in Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” digital campaign.

39.  Sergi Constance @sergiconstance (5 million)

Sergi Constance is a professional fitness model and fitness influencer on Instagram. He is also the CEO of 1 Up Nutrition & Aesthetix Era as well as the founder of BeLegend, an online coaching program.

40. Katie Crewe @katiecrewe (947,000)

Katie Crewe is a nutrition and fitness coach who posts her workouts with videos to demonstrate the correct techniques to work out. She through her posts tries to inspire others to equip others with the knowledge to achieve their goals and gain confidence through strength.

41. Sia Cooper @diaryofafitmommyofficial (1.1 million)

Sia Cooper is a personal trainer, fitness guru, and influence on Instagram. She also uses the platform to offer tips on nutrition and targeted workouts designed with moms in mind.

42. Tess Holliday @tessholliday (2.3 million)

Tess Holliday is a model and fitness influencer who is also the founder of the body positive movement #effyourbeautystandards. Through her Instagram account, she encourages women to embrace their body as it is and also features workouts with her trainer (Massy Arias) and photos of her son, Bowie

43. Kim French @kimfrench87 (1.4 million)

Kim French posts about fitness, losing weight, building muscle, workout ideas, and promotes lifting accessories.

44. Chontel Duncan @chontelduncan (1 million)

Chontel Duncan is a fitness instructor that offers training videos on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). She uses her Instagram platform to inspire her followers to achieve their goals.

45. Melissa Alcantara @fitgurlmel (1.1 million)

Melissa Alcantara is a trainer to the stars and the creator of the 8 Week Body Sculptor program. She likes posting videos with heavyweights, offers many meal plans and exercises for almost every part of your body.

 46. Mari Llewellyn @marillewellyn (1.6 million)

Mari Llewellyn is a fitness influencer and entrepreneur who inspires over 1 million fans on Instagram. She also owns bloom supplements and has her app slay app.

47. Hanna Oberg @hannaoeberg (2.1 million)

Hanna Oberg is a fitness expert and Instagram influencer. She has launched the fitness app OWNU, to help women everywhere reach their fitness goals.

48. Kathryn and Kendra @kk_fit (1.1 million)

Kathryn and Kendra are identical twins from Sonoma County, California. Together they are founders of KK Fit who provide fitness programs and help people make positive changes to their lifestyles.

49. Krissy Cela @krissycela (2.5 million)

Krissy Cela is a fitness trainer is a social media sensation and has her fitness app called Tone & Sculpt.

50. Iulia Danilova @fit.with.iulia (690,000)

Iulia Danilova is a mother of two and owner of Uppergear fitness. She posts workout videos for both home moms and gym enthusiasts.

Top YouTube Fitness Influencers

There are lots of YouTube is among the best places to discover some fitness channels to get you started in your fitness journey. Below are some of our top YouTube channel picks and fitness coaches on YouTube.

51. Nikki Blackketter (731,000)

Nikki Blackketter is a fitness model based in Los Angeles, California. She offers daily weight lifting video blogs to inspire others to keep fit and eat healthy and has become Cellucor’s brand representative.

52. Cat Meffan (258,000)

Cat Meffan is a yoga teacher and has her own yoga retreats. She publishes yoga YouTube videos that include the best yoga poses for running and building abs.

53. Joe Wicks @The Body Coach TV (2.78 million)

Joe Wicks a.k.a The Body Coach is a personal trainer and fitness sensation that has succeeded in creating a huge online following. He posts weekly home workouts to help his fans get stronger, healthier, and happier.

54. FitnessBlender (6.6 million)

Husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelli offer full-length workout videos to help you improve your health and quality of life. They regularly publish videos on workouts, nutrition, and health information for their subscribers.

55. POPSUGAR Fitness (5.84 million)

POPSUGAR is run by fitness influencer Anna Renderer and offers fitness tutorials and exercises. It regularly covers the most popular workout classes and trends, including Victoria’s Secret workout, Tabata, P90X, Bar Method, and more.

56. Blogilates (5.6 million)

Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor who has been making POP Pilates videos on YouTube for the past 10 years. Her YouTube page includes videos on how to burn fat, how to tone ads, clean eating tips, and more.

57. Kali Muscle (2.48 million)

Kali Muscle is YouTuber who uploads daily videos relating to fitness, gaming, cooking, and vlogs.

58. The Fitness Marshal (3.35 million)

The Fitness Marshall Youtube channel uses choreography with popular songs to make cardio exercises exciting. It offers fans the ability to create workouts, combining videos for a warm-up, main exercise, and cool down.

59. Pamela Reif (7.97 million)

Pamela Reif is a German-born fitness model and YouTuber popular for her fitness videos and social media lifestyle. She is also an author of the book, Strong & Beautiful, and posts videos on leg workouts, ab workouts, and calorie-burning workouts.

60. Matt Does Fitness @MattDoesFitness (2.09 million)

Matt Does Fitness produces videos around bodybuilding, eating, and lifestyle vlogs. On his channel, he also tries out various workouts outside of his comfort zone that includes CrossFit or pole dancing.

61. Chloe Ting (22.2 million)

Chloe Ting offers her fans easy-to-follow exercises and short videos on her YouTube channel. Her videos are popular because one doesn’t even need equipment for most of her workouts while the exercise target many core parts of the body.

62. Jeff Cavaliere @Athlean-X (12.1 million)

Jeff Cavaliere or Athlean-X offers fans a wide range of training tips and workouts depending on their goals. His content features straight-talk that aims to dispel fitness myths and even address common training mistakes and lifestyle habits.

63. Maddie Lymburner @MadFit (6.4 million)

Maddie Lymburner aka MadFit is known for her energetic, muscle-toning workouts to popular chart songs. Her other videos are dedicated to workouts with no equipment, apartment-friendly, low-impact, and yoga sessions.

64. XHIT Daily (3.6 million)

XHIT Daily’s YouTube channel offer celebrity-inspired content, such as the Jennifer Lawrence leg workout or J. Lo booty workout, as well as their aerobics-themed classes.

65. Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone (3.72 million)

Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home YouTube channel helps fans get access to walking workouts. The channel’s videos encompass training sessions from start to finish and incorporate interval training which users can complete without equipment. The videos are also categorized by workout length, distance walked, and muscle groups targeted.

66. ScottHermanFitness (2.56 million)

Scott Herman is a fitness influencer on YouTube posting instructional workout videos. He also offers 12-week program users can access online and is full of helpful fitness facts and nutritional information that users can tailor to their goals.

67. Joanna Soh Official (2.63 million)

Joanna Soh is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist coach, and women’s fitness specialist. Her YouTube channel offers workout videos and ideas, nutrition tips and advice on healthy eating, as well as recipes.

68. Lucy Wyndham-Read (1.97 million)

Lucy Wyndham – Her YouTube channel offers over 1000 free home workout videos. She is a qualified trainer with over 20 years of experience also offers seven-minute workouts, full-body workouts, and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts.

69. HASFit – Coach Kozak and Claudia (1.75 million)

Heart And Soul Fit’s (HASFit) YouTube channel is run by the husband-and-wife duo, coaches Joshua Kozak and Claudia. They offer thousands of free workout videos that include tailored meal plans and workout programs.

70. Heather Robertson (1.72 million)

Heather Robertson is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, and fitness model. On her YouTube channel, she posts free full-length workout videos and workouts that people can do from their homes without any equipment required.

71. Stephanie Buttermore  (1.22 million)

Stephanie Buttermore is a cancer research scientist with a passion for fitness. She publishes videos that are a mix of science and fitness while offering advice on nutrition, exercise, and how to lead a healthy and balanced life.

72. Lex Fitness (1.18 million)

LEX Fitness is a YouTube channel by Lex Griffin that offers viewers videos of workout techniques, general advice on keeping active, and, remaining consistent with their training regimes. He also publishes videos on self-defense.

73. BullyJuice (1.34 million)

BullyJuice is a YouTube channel run by Darryl Williams Junior offering High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. Videos on this channel vary in length, with most of them around 30 to 40-minutes.

74.  Nick’s Strength and Power (1.17 million)

Nick Miller’s YouTube channel Nick’s Strength and Power is a body-building channel that offers advice on muscle building including nutritional information. Miller offers interviews of famous bodybuilders and they discuss their daily workouts and nutritional regime.

75. Tone It Up (790,000)

Tone It Up is a YouTube channel that ran popular fitness influencers, Karena and Katrina. The Channel features videos ranging from 10-minutes sessions to marathon workouts in addition to meal plans and nutrition tips.

76. Carly Rowena (421,000)

Carly Rowena is an Instagram and YouTube influencer who posts workouts videos that are popular among new moms and moms-to-be who aspire to get back to their “lean” days.

77. Sarahs Day (1.52 million)

Sarahs Day is an Australian influencer who believes in holistic living and regular exercise. Her YouTube channel offers content on diet tips, natural healing, active workouts, Pilates, and core cardio exercises.

78. Natacha Océane (1.36 million)

Natacha Océane is a fitness influencer on YouTube who collaborates with other experts to develop and sell fitness guides. She is known for her ‘Home. Reload Training Guide’ through her collaboration with British Olympian, Renee McGregor. She also owns a line of resistance bands and workout gear.

79. Heidi Somers (761,000)

Heidi Somers is a popular Instagram and YouTube fitness influencer. Her channel mostly posts workout videos that include full body, upper body, arm workouts, and others including reps/sets accompanied with voiceovers explaining the workouts.

Top Fitness Bloggers in 2021

80. Born Fitness

Born Fitness helps provide answers to readers in regards to questions about health, fitness, and nutrition. They also offer insights into fitness, recipes and motivation for those seeking to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

81. Love Sweat Fitness

Love Sweat Fitness is a site run by Katie Dunlop with the goal to help others reach their fitness goals. The blog shares Katie’s personal journey to fitness, workout tips, nutrition advice, and daily motivation for her readers.

82. The Fitnessista

This Fitnessista blog is run by Gina Harney who is a mother and a certified personal trainer. She uses her blog to share insights on quick workouts and healthy recipes.

83. Garmin Fitness Blog

Garmin Fitness blog offers readers advice on tips on how to start your own workout regimens, and achieve a balanced life.

84. Chuze Fitness

Chuze fitness offers support and advice for both gym novices and fitness buffs. It provides tips for wellness, workout strategies, recipes for health, and more.

85. Ace Healthy Living Blog

Ace Healthy Living Blog is a blog of the American Council on Exercise that promotes healthy living. It posts articles on nutrition, fitness, and the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

86. Simply Shredded

This blog offers resources for shaping bodies, toning, and developing muscles. The content includes interviews with popular bodybuilders, motivational stories, and informative articles about the sport of bodybuilding.

87. Spot Me Bro

Spot Me Bro, This Blog offers gym news, men’s fitness trends, and the latest advice by experts.

88. Breaking Muscle

This blog offers insights into the world of bodybuilding and fat-burning workouts. It also includes workout plans, news from the bodybuilding and fitness world, reviews of trending diets or a new workout, and healthy eating.

89. MyFitness Blog

MyFitness Blog offers resources on fitness and health. It also has its own myfitness app for tracking and meeting nutrition and fitness goals.

Top Fitness TikTok Influencers of 2021

Fitness influencers are heading to TikTok, too. Check out some of the top names on that emerging social media site.

90. Demi Bagby @demibagby (14.2 million)

Demi Bagby is a fitness guru and TikTok star. She regularly posts exercise videos, stunts, parkour, and other physical feats. Her social media work has attracted sponsors like Sony Pictures and Gymshark.

91. Fitness Freak @imkavy (8.4 million)

Kavy is TikTok Star who besides making modeling shoots also uploads interactive videos regarding fitness for all ages. Her focus is on building strength and promoting weight loss.

92. Antonie Lokhorst @antonielokhorst (4.3 million)

 Lokhorst is a coach and social media fitness influencer with millions of followers on the TikTok platform. He posts videos from his daily life and workout regime.

93. Jennifer Tavernier @minneninja (1 million)

 Jennifer Tavernier is a fitness influencer and fitness coach. She posts workout videos and training videos with her daughter.

94. Steve Prince (860,000)

Steve Prince posts his workout videos for TikTok followers while also helping people with workout plans.

95. Eyal Booker @eyalbooker (278,000)

Eyal Booker is a model and TikTok fitness influencer who posts workout videos and that of his pets.

96. Rebecca Louise @rebeccalouisefitness (289,000)

Rebecca Louise is a fitness influencer on TikTok who posts on exercise and nutrition aspects of fitness.

97. Jesse James West @jessejameswest (319,000)

Jesse James West is a popular TikTok influencer who posts dance videos to workouts. He often adds elements of humor to his videos.

98. Pernilla Soe @pernillastryker (349,000)

 Pernilla Soe helps her followers get killer abs through her workout videos and fitness tips.

99. Stefana Avara (754,000)

Stefana Avara is a fitness TikToker who posts videos related to health and fitness. She also posts workout videos that break fitness myths and give fitness tips.

100. Kayla @kaylaiutzwig (275,000)

Kayla’s TikTok feed includes health and wellness tips, inspiration, and other useful content.

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