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Work from Home on the Phone: Women & Men make up to $180/Hour

TalkLive Founder Lori Victoria Braun

Kassandra Willis who ‘hated body’ after giving birth gets Pro IFBB card and wins

A mother started exercising to build her confidence after giving birth to her son. She's since qualified as a bodybuilder who has won an international fitness competition

Happy New Year! 2022 will be great for you!!!

I hope 2020 brings all friends and family health, peace, love, happiness and prosperity. It has been a tough and strange year for so many people. Make positive resolutions and make them happen. Maybe time to focus on yourself. That's my plan.

How To Meet and Date Athletic Women

Men and women do not experience attraction in the same way. Men respond to visual cues. Once their subconscious identifies a type of woman who they are attracted to, they will be attracted to that type every time. Some of this has to do with genetics and evolution.

Weight Training and Gym Addiction: Part 1 Instagram by Lori Braun

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Happy Holidays to all Muscleheads and Fans Everywhere!