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Happy New Year! 2022 will be great for you!!!

I hope 2020 brings all friends and family health, peace, love, happiness and prosperity. It has been a tough and strange year for so many people. Make positive resolutions and make them happen. Maybe time to focus on yourself. That's my plan.

How To Meet and Date Athletic Women

Men and women do not experience attraction in the same way. Men respond to visual cues. Once their subconscious identifies a type of woman who they are attracted to, they will be attracted to that type every time. Some of this has to do with genetics and evolution.

Wrestling Porn


Mixed wrestling as it is known today has a level of prevalence over the internet. It existed before in other forms in professional wrestling and other venues starting in the 1970s. It was simply wrestling between men and women. Around this time female bodybuilding was emerging having no relation to wrestling. These two separate sports activities would later merge to form modern mixed wrestling. There would be branching off into session wrestling in the female bodybuilding subculture. Today, it is an internet empire of mixed wrestling websites. Bill Wick was the pioneer of mixed wrestling producing wrestling videos with some of the strongest female bodybuilders.Bill Wick was born in 1944 and spent most of his youth in Pennsylvania. Wick also served in the US Army conducting operations in Nicaragua and most of Central America in the 1980s .He produced and continues to make mixed wrestling videos. He may have not have been the first one to film mixed wrestling matches, but he was ahead of his time realizing there was a market for it. Bill Wick’s market appealed to the casual fan and to the hardcore schmoe. Although there are many viewers of mixed wrestling material, few can recognize the name Bill Wick. His story is a fascinating one and reveals much about unconventional business ventures.

17 Date Ideas For You & Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend That Are Really Fun

Who doesn't love lazy days? Oh, wait, I mean self-care days — days when you shut yourself off from school or work and enjoy doing absolutely nothing besides watching TV and peeling face masks. If you can convince your partner to join you in hibernation — and it shouldn't be too hard — you've got yourself the perfect date, in my opinion. That is, until you run out of new episodes of your favorite shows to watch. Luckily, there are lazy date ideas that extend beyond the four walls of your dorm room or apartment.

Different Training Needed for Different Body Types. What body type are you?

It is important for you to stick to the basics until you get to know how your body responds to weight training. People do not respond the same exact way to training and what works for one type will not necessarily work for another. One method of categorizing body types recognizes three different physical types and it is called "somatotypes".

Weight Training and Gym Addiction: Part 1 Instagram by Lori Braun

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Happy Holidays to all Muscleheads and Fans Everywhere!