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Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges, who goes by the “Blonde Bomber,” is upset about online “trolls” after a sultry photo of hers was recently removed by Instagram.

Bridges, according to The Sun, received a warning from Instagram over a snapshot on her account that showed her posing topless from behind, wearing nothing but boxing gloves and thong underwear.

The 35-year-old shared a screengrab of the notice from Instagram that read, “Your post goes against our guidelines on adult sexual solicitation.”

“OK the trolls / haters are winning TBH. Eh keep reporting my pic. I can’t re-post my pic. Last thing I wanna do is lose my account,” Bridges responded.

According to The Sun, Instagram also warned the boxer that she “could lose access to [her] account in the future” for sharing similar posts.

“Hope y’all screenshotted it for your backgrounds before it got removed. Happy New Year.”

Bridges shared the same photo in a tweet on Dec. 31, which is still posted to her account.

In a separate post on Twitter and Instagram over the weekend, Bridges defended her brand, and said she wants to inspire others.

“I stayed strong and true to myself. Through all the hate, all the people judging me, stereotyping me and praying for me to fail,” she wrote. “Mainly cos of how I look & how I promote myself, people couldn’t handle change.

“I came into the women’s boxing world showing something different, and promoting myself using social media (no one was / is going to do it for me) I AM different. I’ll never be like anyone else. I’ve walked my own path and now paved it for others. I like to think I have done a lot for women’s boxing this year and brought many more eyes on the sport by just being myself.

Ebanie Bridges weighing in for a 2021 fight
Ebanie Bridges weighing in for a 2021 fight

“I took the hits and the bullets and I survived the attacks to now make it easier for other women who also choose to be feminine and show their beauty whilst still being a beast, and hopefully they don’t get slayed as much as I did. I built my own brand that will continue to grow and hopefully inspired many others, not only women but EVERYONE.”

Bridges last fought in September when she beat Mailys Gangloff, pushing her record to 7-1. Her only defeat came in April 2021, when she lost to Shannon Courtenay by unanimous decision in a bantamweight world title fight.

The Aussie boxer, who is also a math school teacher, turned professional in February 2019.

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