Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024
Carriejune Anne Bowlby “MiniBeast”

We have been watching Carriejune Anne Bowlby grow and inspire. She is known as MiniBeast and has followers all over the world on her compelling Instagram account: @misscarriejune

Minibeast started during career day in kindergarten with ambitions of being a fashion designer. Fitness coach Carriejune Bowlby started her career early on, working out to OnDemand exercise videos in her room with her first pair of dumbbells as a young girl. This interest in physical health grew into a passion for helping inspire others to reach their own health and fitness goals. Today, Carriejune has a loyal following of individuals from all walks of life who find her as a source of inspiration and motivation.

The name “Minibeast” began as a playful nickname due to Carriejune’s height and intense workouts. This name served as such a powerful part of her own journey that she wanted others to be able to embrace the name themselves and take motivation from it as well. As a result, Minibeast was officially born in 2017, and our fitness community has been growing ever since.


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