Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

“Creating calm where there was once chaos” – Ingrid Rinck @therinckroutine

The Rinck Routine - Ingrid Rinck

The Rinck Routine (TRR) is an innovative lifestyle brand centered around healing movement cultivated by fitness guru, Ingrid Rinck. This mom of three is an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience and has trained tens of thousands of women worldwide. An award-winning master trainer revered for her “no-nonsense” approach to wellness, Ingrid garnered a cult following.

In 2014, Ingrid set aside her thriving career to focus solely on nutrition and founded the largest meal prep company in the nation, Sensible Meals. This company was created upon her son’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis, an autoimmune disease that can be regulated through nutrition. With this newfound knowledge caring for her young son, Ingrid overcame her binge eating disorder and lost 145 lbs.

After 8 years as a leader in the meal prep community, Ingrid was longing to return to her dance and fitness roots. At 40 years old, Ingrid came to the realization that intense exercise caused traumatic damage to the body on a cellular level. Daily fluid movement was the cure for repairing the years of damage from heavy weightlifting and extreme cardio. She poured herself into education, research, experimentation, and ultimately designed the Rinck Routine; a delicate balance of dance, Pilates, and yoga. This unique style streamlines your movements, targets accessory muscle groups, and results in the highly desired dancer’s body. This daily practice is an act of self care balancing the muscular structure of the body while maintaining long feminine lines. Similar to the art of ballet, daily practice is necessary to master the movements in TRR.

Every Sunday, TRR devotees receive one beginner and one advanced routine to master as the week progresses. Ingrid visually guides you through various sequences without verbal cues allowing you to deeply connect your mind to your physical body. You will notice that there is not a large library of videos accessible. The experts of our TRR team strongly believe that formulating an intentional routine for you each week elevates you from your comfort zone. Everyday, this alluring brand is connecting exceptional women globally with shared lifestyle aspirations. Elegance is an energy established on your mat every time you choose self-preservation through TRR.

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