Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

about Lori

Men and women do not experience attraction in the same way. Men respond to visual cues. Once their subconscious identifies a type of woman who they are attracted to, they will be attracted to that type every time. Some of this has to do with genetics and evolution.

In any case, physical appearance is what motivates men. Women are a lot more complicated and that is good news for you! Tall, short, thin, fat or jacked may have very little to do with attraction. Money can be even less important. Attraction is not a choice and the sudden accumulation of wealth or materialism cannot cause genuine attraction. Of course, some women or men can be “bought” with money, but that is not seduction. That is a business arrangement and not what I teach in my book. Once you read my book, you will learn all the correct techniques you will need to attract the muscular women that you desire and desire you.

So, let’s get started!

“How To Meet and Date Athletic Women”

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