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Two champions and two challengers were in the final callout of prejudging.

As the 2022 Bikini Olympia approached, a lot of buzz had circulated around the four champions of the division — 2021 winner Jennifer Dorie, 2020 champion Janet Layug, 2019 titleholder Elisa Pecini, and three-time Ms. Bikini Olympia Ashley Kaltwasser.

This year’s Olympia in Las Vegas, NV, was all but confirmed to be one of the best bikini events in recent memory. However, a different collection of competitors appeared in the final callout. Dorie and Kaltwasser were there, but so was Jourdanne Lee of Canada as well as Maureen Blanquisco.

The top 10 finishers of the first round moved on to the finals at the Zappos Theater on the evening of Dec. 17, 2022. The four aforementioned athletes were who many felt were in contention for the title. Ultimately, though, Maureen Blanquisco claimed the title of 2022 Ms. Bikini Olympia

2022 Bikini Olympia Results

Blanquisco placed fourth in the 2021 Olympia one year prior before taking the throne in Vegas. Here are the top five in the 2022 Olympia bikini division, along with their winnings:

  1. Maureen Blanquisco — $50,000
  2. Jennifer Dorie — $20,000
  3. Ashley Kaltwasser — $12,000
  4. Daraja Hill — $7,000
  5. Lauralie Chapados — $6,000

2022 Bikini Olympia Recap

Based on the comparisons, the two in the driver’s seats were Dorie and Blanquisco, who came in sculpted and polished in their presentation. After the top ten performed their own routines, it was time for the moment everyone was waiting for. Would Dorie repeat, or would a new Ms. Bikini Olympia be named? 

The judges then made their final decision. Dorie and Blanquisco were the final two competitors, but ultimately, Blanquisco brought it home. During her post-award interview, Blanquisco remarked that she was as shocked as any member of the audience. 

“I knew it was a matter of time, I just didn’t think it would be this time. I’m so thankful,” she remarked before joking that she intends on winning the Olympia for ten more years before moving on to the Masters Olympia, which will return in 2023 after a hiatus. 

Maureen Blanquisco | Ms. Olympia Competitions

In addition to placing well at two other bikini events in 2022 (first place at the 2022 Boston Pro and second at the 2022 Arnold Classic), Blanquisco has placed better and better at every prior Olympia appearance: 

  • 2019: 9th
  • 2021: 4th
  • 2022: 1st

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