Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Dr. Stefi Cohen, aka the 25x world-record-holding powerlifter, is undeniably a wonder woman. A person of versatile talent, she is a physiotherapist, an author, a host, and social media sensation. An advocate of healthy living, she earnestly promotes an evidence-based view on training and nutrition. Passionate about educating people about fitness and health, she works rigorously to break off the myths that surround bodybuilding.

Continuing on her legacy, earlier today, Dr. Cohen shared an Instagram post where she dispelled the myths that surrounds diet and weight loss.

Dr. Stefi Cohen debunks the age-old myths 

YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO,” wrote Dr. Cohen as she started on her thought-provoking post. Comming down heavily on the thought process that made people believe that there are “good and bad foods.” She remarked, “when it comes to weight loss, the most important factor to consider is energy balance.”

“We’ve been misled for decades,” she added, as she shared how one can lose weight without being overly restrictive about diet. To reach out to more people, Dr. Cohen shared her own weight-loss journey ahead of her competition. She reiterated on the importance of having a good understanding of calories that one intakes.

Dr. Cohen also hosts an online coaching platform, the Hybrid Performance Methodto help people learn the most effective ways to compile bodybuilding, powerlifting, and weightlifting. For those unversed, she is also a state-record-holding weightlifter and former team member of the U17 Venezuelan soccer team. Apart from being a well-established fitness coach, she is also the first woman in history to achieve an incredible feat in powerlifting.

Looking back at Dr. Cohen’s achievement in powerlifting 

Dr. Cohen became the first woman in bodybuilding to deadlift 4.4x her body weight. She set an all-time world record by deadlifting 485 pounds at 121-pound body weight. While creating the new record, she shattered the earlier record by lifting 30 pounds extra.

With this, the first quadruple bodyweight deadlift that was successfully performed by a female bodybuilder was also cemented to her name. Thus, as she achieved her goal, she made the powerlifting community proud. For more exciting updates on bodybuilding, stay connected.

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