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‘Watch this creep’: the women exposing gym harassment on TikTok #gymweirdos

The hashtag #gymweirdos has received nearly 2m views as women covertly record their experiences


“We’ve Been Misled for Decades”: Dr. Steffi Cohen Debunks the Most Prevalent Diet Myth

Dr. Stefi Cohen, aka the 25x world-record-holding powerlifter, is undeniably a wonder woman. A...


Nicole Bass heartbreaking early passing

SHE was a female colossus who took the world of bodybuilding by storm in...

In The News

“Nowadays This Does Not Count”: Despite Being in Her Best Shape, World’s Tallest Female Bodybuilder Blames Judges for Blindsiding Her Physique Over Massive Size

"I’m the world’s tallest female bodybuilder – trolls stare at me but I love...