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Huge Female Bicep Video Clips

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Kerigan Guillen: HUSTL HRDR

Towards the end of college after a decade of softball and a life changing back injury, Kerigan was itching for a competitive outlet. The bodybuilding world fell into her lap first as an aesthetic goal, but quickly turned into a passion and lifestyle. After starting her own coaching in 2017, it spread like a wildfire and later was 1/2 of HUSTL HRDR. Whether lifestyle client or competitor, teaching, pushing, and guiding anyone who will put aside their excuses and strive to be the hardest worker in the room is her mission and passion.

Sally McNeil: A Tribute

April 1996; Sally McNeil was sentenced to 19 years to life for the shotgun slaying of her husband Ray McNeil. Sally was and continues to be one of the most beloved and best known bodybuilders among the female ranks of a sport which is increasingly moving away from the drug fueled Narcissism of its recent Silver Age towards a more fitness oriented display of health and prowess.