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David C. Matthews is an illustrator and cartoonist well known within the female muscle fan community for his hyper muscular heroines. Whether in peril or taking down the bad guy, Dave’s characters are always sexy. He has published small-press comics, contributed art for other publishers and created T-shirt designs for The Valkyries.

David was born in Burlington, North Carolina in 1953 and has lived in Orlando, Florida since 1974. He works as a “quick sketch” portrait artist at Disney-MGM Studios in the Brown Derby caricature stand. “This is the source of 99.9999% of my income, even though I think of myself as an illustrator and cartoonist, much the same way as an aspiring actor might take a job to earn an actual living.”

His inspiration and interests come from women’s bodybuilding, comics, animation, belly dancing and Japanese anime. Janet, his wife since 1977, is also a source of inspiration. He says “…even though she’s neither blonde nor a bodybuilder, her heart, spirit and generosity are present in almost every character I’ve created.”

Tetsuko is David’s most popular character. She is his vision of what a Japanese manga Supergirl might be like, without as many powers. She also doesn’t wear a costume… or often times anything at all. Her trusty sidekick is the buxom Dr. Sonya Gannon. Some of his other characters are:

Satin Steel
Janet “Satin” Steele steps into the world of competitive bodybuilding. She is young, gifted, starry-eyed and eager to blaze her trail through the ranks to her ultimate goal… the title of Ms. Ultima.

Dyna The Damsel Dynamo!
When Evil threatens, Deena pushes the button on her belt and becomes Dyna, The Damsel Dynamo!

Muscle Girl
Muscle Girl is a circus strongwoman, inspired by “Strong Man”, a character created by comics legend Bob Powell in the 1950’s. Her origins are a mystery, even to herself, so she travels with the circus, hoping to find a clue to her true identity.

See more of David C. Matthews and his muscle women at www.dcmstudiosonline.com or at his DeviantArt page

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