Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Move over Superman, those red and blue pajamas can’t hold a candle to Super Susie. And quite honestly, they look ridiculous!

Sure Superman’s got the cape and the big “S”, but he still looks like wannabe muscle head in Under Armour that’s 3 sizes too small. Every gym’s got at least one of those guys; chest puffed up, strutting around, flexing after a set, Under Armour that cut’s the circulation off in their arms. Makes for great entertainment at gym.

Fantasy artist Joseph Uhl created Super Susie from the depth’s of his own personal lust for incredibly muscular women with mind blowing strength. Super Susie would be the perfect crime fighter. Most bad guys would stop dead in the tracks, mouth wide open in total awe. Besides, who’s gonna mess with those guns?

So when trouble is near don’t hesitate to call on this super heroine. But for now, enjoy the gallery!