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Many areas of fantasy muscle stem from Female Muscle Growth or FMG. We’re not talking supplements, techniques or training here… this is sexual fetish!

Female Muscle Growth is the fantasy of women growing large, powerful muscles, sometimes at unnatural rates and sizes. FMG fetishists are attracted to female bodybuilders but also have fantasies that go beyond strong women with muscles. It often delves into the realm of science fiction. This provides inspiration to vast amounts of artwork, stories, morphs, websites, animations, forums and groups relating to FMG and the people that crave it.

The clinical terms are Sthenolagnia (sexual arousal from muscles) and Cratolagnia (sexual arousal from the demonstration of strength). They are found among both males and females. German psychologist Magnus Hirschfeld coined both terms in the late 1800s. He was known as “the Eistein of Sex”, investigating and cataloging many varieties of sexuality.

While many are turned on by FMG and female bodybuilding, some take it too far. One such FMG enthusiast asked about his extreme FMG fetish. “Part of the thrill seems to be in these “parts” (particularly the breasts, pectoral muscles and biceps) growing and bulging to utterly insane sizes sometimes in the range of buildings, continents, or even planets…” He asked if this was abnormal and how to end it since these “physical types are even rarer and unhealthier than the skinniest heroin-chic supermodel.”

Here is the advice given. “There are others out there just like you…and they have found healthy, positive ways to integrate their desires into their lives.” He continues with “There is no way to end this… There are outlets for every fetish. You just need to find them.”

Good advice. My recommendation is a healthy dose of and (blatant plug) my blog.

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