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Mikey - Female Freestyle Grappler

Femalemuscle sponsored Mikey. Running time 7:08

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Freestyle Female Grappling 2

Freestyle female grappling. Running time 7:08 - Now 100% FREE!!!

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Ida-Theres Karlsson dec Sofia Poumpouridou

Ida-Theres Karlsson, SWE, dec Sofia Poumpouridou, GRE, 5 -0


Toccara Montgomery pin Marina Gastl

Toccara Montgomery, USA, pin Marina Gastl, AUT, 4:40


Kick-ass Freestyle Wrestling

Freestyle female grappling. Running time 2:56

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Saori Yoshida by tech fall over Jennifer Ryz

Saori Yoshida, JPN, by tech fall over Jennifer Ryz, CAN, 10-0 in 2:51


Tatyana Lazareya pins Roza Sagintayeva!

Tatyana Lazareya, UKR, pin Roza Sagintayeva, KAZ, 2:27


Freestyle Female Grappling

Freestyle female grappling. Running time 2:10

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2004 NYAC Christmas Invitational


Diletta Giampiccolo

Freestyle wrestling from NYAC Christmas 2003 New York, New York

Female Wrestling Video. Diletta Giampiccolo Female Wrestling Star of Itlay.


Sun Dongmei dec Anna Gomis

Sun Dongmei, CHN, dec Anna Gomis, FRA, 4-0


Tina George dec Mabel Fonsoca

Tina George, USA, dec Mabel Fonsoca, PUR, 7-3


Malgorzata Bassa dec Xiomara Guevara

Malgorzata Bassa, POL, dec Xiomara Guevara, VEN, 3-0


Aurora Fajardo Prieto pin Lil Azucena Canales

Aurora Fajardo Prieto, ESP, pin Lil Azucena Canales, ESA, 1:13


Mabel Fonsoca pin Isabelle Sambou

Mabel Fonsoca, PUR, pin Isabelle Sambou, SEN, 2:27


Tina George dec Elvira Rasulova-Mursalova

Tina George, USA, dec Elvira Rasulova-mursalova, KGZ, 10 -2


Sara Eriksson dec Kristine Odrina

Sara Eriksson, SWE, dec Kristine Odrina, LAT, 5 -1


Adrienn Szabovik dec Hsiao-Wei Hung

Adrienn Szabovik, HUN, dec Hsiao-Wei Hung, TPE, 10 -5


Anna Gomis dec Minerva Montero Perez

Anna Gomis, FRA, dec Minerva Montero Perez, ESP, 3-0


Anita Schaetzle dec Katerina Halova

Anita Schaetzle, GER, dec Katerina Halova, CZE, 9 -3


Natalia Golts dec Alka Tomar

Natalia Golts, RUS, dec Alka Tomar, IND, 3-0 in 6:09


Diletta Giampiccolo by tech fall over Shu-Fang Chuang

Diletta Giampiccolo, ITA, by tech fall over Shu-Fang Chuang, TPE, 10-0 in 2:16


Saori Yoshida by tech fall over Olga Serbina

Saori Yoshida, JPN, by tech fall over Olga Serbina, BLR, 10-0 in 4:16


N.Ugurun Percin dec Karin Wild

N.Ugurun Percin, TUR, dec Karin Wild, SUI, 6-3


Mayerli Karipa dec Lidiya Karamchakova

Mayerli Karipa, VEN, dec Lidiya Karamchakova, TJK, 5 -1


Lidiya Karamchakova dec Nicoleta Badea

Lidiya Karamchakova, TJK, dec Nicoleta Badea, ROM, 3 -2


Li Hui pin Susana Santos

Li Hui, CHN, pin Susana Santos, BRA, 1:24


Inga Karamchakova dec Ida HellstrÖm

Inga Karamchakova, RUS, dec Ida HellstrÖm, SWE, 3 -2


Alfia Zaynulina dec Zhanar Amangaliyeva

World Championships of Freestyle Wrestling 2003 - New York, New York
Alfia Zaynulina, KGZ, dec Zhanar Amangaliyeva, KAZ, 4 -2


2003 Lori at Freestyle Championships

Lori Victoria Braun
Live from Madison Square Garden
Coverage of World Championships of Freestyle Wrestling 2003
New York, New York
September 12-14, 2003

Over 180,000 fans packed Madison Square Garden in New York for the World Championships of Freestyle Wrestling. The September 2003 world championships drew 500 world class female and male athletes from over 70 countries who are also dreaming of Olympic Gold in the near future.

In the Women's competitions, the Japanese women stormed through the finals and won 5 of the 7 titles. Our complete photographic coverage of these matches is here. Kristie Marano of the United States and Irlini Merleni of Ukraine won the remaining two titles.

Writing about the United States team for TheMat.com, Gary Abbott wrote:

"The performance of the U.S. women’s team was one of the best I have ever seen, even though the squad was ultimately tied by the Japanese team and placed second. The women wrestled with a dominance and purpose that was captivating...... It is my hope that never again will leaders within wrestling dismiss women’s wrestling, or take a “wait-and-see” attitude about its place within the sport."

I am thrilled to introduce world championship women's freestyle wrestling to the femalemuscle.com community. I want to thank Gary Abbott and the entire staff of the World Championships for welcoming femalemuscle.com to this event and giving us this extraordinary opportunity to promote these strong, talented, and gifted world class female atheletes.

The World Championships were a first class event, start to finish, in every area. I look forward to bringing more coverage of this exciting and growing sport.

Lori Victoria Braun _


Katerina Burmistrova dec Nina Englich

Katerina Burmistrova, UKR, dec Nina Englich, GER, 4 -1