Thu. Jul 18th, 2024


The IFBB talks about plans to eliminate its female bodybuilding division. We are shocked by this attitude, and demand its immediate reversal. We need the IFBB to firmly stand by and support this important sport well into the 21st century.

Not just a sport, female bodybuilding is also a form of self-expression and key to an active lifestyle for thousands of women of all ages worldwide. Just like their male counterparts, these athetes have been exploring the very limits of the human physique, turning their bodies into spectacular works of art.

Reaching way beyond a small yet dedicated fan base, female bodybuilding has helped drive the ideal of a strong, fit, healthy physique. Women bodybuilders also successfully challenge gender stereotypes, fight sexist discrimination, and help create a sense of empowerment for women.

For women’s bodybuilding to fulfill its several important missions, it is vitally important that its athletes continue to have venues to compete. What venue would be more important than the prestigeous worldwide federation that has been the home of women bodybuilding superstars for all these decades?

We commend the efforts of the IFBB in creating new divisions (Fitness, Figure, Bikini and now Physique) for reaching more women athletes and their fans. However, the sport that started it all, bodybuilding, must not go away. As long as there is an IFBB, we feel it must support female bodybuilding wholeheartedly, pledging to organize pro contests, and to judge them by true bodybuilding standards.

Dear IFBB Officials: please do not wish female bodybuilding away. Instead, affirm your dedication to the sport, and start promoting it aggressively. Who else could drive the acceptance of bodybuilding, regardless of gender, if not you? It should really be a labor of love.


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