Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Mindi Smith is a blond bombshell to the very heart of the term. She is breath taking, and it is no wonder she, up until the Arnold, had never placed anything other than first. Before training for her IFBB career, she kept an active lifestyle by taking ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics classes, running cross country, track and field, basketball, and volleyball. She is also no stranger to the stage. If you watch the HBO series Entourage, you may have seen her as a Beverly Hills Pedestrian or perhaps on the Spike TV show, Mananswers. But that’s not all, Mindi has also appeared in commercials for AXE Body Spray (seen below), Power Platform and 6 PakJak Crunch & Cur among other fitness DVD’s.

Mindi entered one local show, won. Entered her first national show and pro qualifier, Nationals, won. Entered her first Pro Show, won. And now, she came in 6th at the 2010 Arnold Classic. I’d say this women is on the fast track to the top of the industry and there are some who would say she is already there. Time will tell. As only her fourth show, I am sure she will develop and blossom even more!

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