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Overall Female Bodybuilding

Elena Shportun


1st – Johanna Dejager
2nd – Mille Cleveland
3rd – Stacey Pillari
4th – Alisha Morrow
5th – Denise Dinger


1st – Elena Shportun
2nd – Jill Lundy
3rd – Joanne Stewart
4th – Salla Kauranen
5th – Krista Schaus


1st – Maria Rita Bello
2nd – Alevtina Goroshinskaya
3rd – Geraldine Morgan
4th – Dawn Elsea
5th – Marcia Ferguson

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Fitness Overall

Sylvia Tremblay

Fitness Short Class (up to and including 5’4″)

1st – Sylvia Tremblay
2nd – Allison Ethier
3rd – Malena Marquez
4th – Venus Nguyen
5th – Michelle Yeager

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Fitness Medium Class (over 5’4″ and up to and including 5’6″)

1st – Meredith Miller
2nd – Lauren Niehaus
3rd – Morgan Spoon
4th – Patricia Sordoni Lecomte
5th – Lee Randell

Fitness Tall Class (over 5’6″)

1st – Autumn Edwards
2nd – Tamee Marie
3rd – Tatiana Tishchenko

Overall Figure

Jayme Galloway

Class A (up to 5’1″)

1st – Nicole Coleman
2nd – Juana Guadalupe Esparza Guerra
3rd – Gloria Keplinger
4th – Sara Schumann
5th – Lindsey Bundy

Class B (over 5’1″ and up to and including 5’2-1/2″)

1st – Jayme Galloway
2nd – Rachel Delmotte
3rd – Christina Rieder
4th – Claudia Sofronia
5th – Stephanie Martini

Class C (over 5’2-1/2″ and up to and including 5’4″)

1st – Shonda Lewis
2nd – Nina Cash
3rd – Nancy Tremblay
4th – Ivonne Acosta
5th – Stacey Walker

Class C callouts and comparisons galleries

Class D (over 5’4″ and up to and including 5’5-1/2″)

1st – Laura Lee Pine
2nd – Heather Grace
3rd – Teresa Brant
4th – Laura Bailey
5th – Kathleen Lamberson

Class D callouts and comparison galleries

Class E (over 5’5-1/2″ and up to and including 5’7″)

1st – Lea-Ann Ellison
2nd – Dannie Hogan
3rd – Jocelyn Langton
4th – Marie-Christine Deblock
5th – Wendy Bogard

Class F (over 5’7″)

1st – Lori Mork
2nd – Kimberly Lairet
3rd – Stephanie Billings
4th – Sheri Fisher
5th – Andrea Lyons

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