Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


Ever since she first stepped on the competition stage way back in 2005 it seems that figure competitor Larissa Reis was destined to become one of the sport’s most notable athletes. Running away with first place in that debut performance only served to re affirm the fact that she was ‘going places’.

Her relocation to the USA has led to more triumphs both on and off stage. Having recently signed a sponsorship deal with NUTREX and with more contests and possible movie appearances on the horizon it seems that this girl really does have the Midas touch.
Her growing popularity also makes it incredibly hard to pin her down for an interview but luckily, after months of trying, I did just that. So, here is what I found out in my conversation with the sports new golden girl.
Up close and personal with Larissa Reis…

So Larissa, first of all how did you become involved in the sport in the first place?“I always had a lean physique and I have followed what you would call a ‘fitness lifestyle’ ever since I was a teenager. My decision to become a figure competitor really came while I was working as a fitness model in a supplement store in Brazil. One day I saw a poster of Monica Brant and I thought she looked amazing and had such good energy. I wanted to compete from the first time that I saw her!

After making the decision to compete I moved to Londrina to train with Professor Waldemar Guimaraes. He taught me everything about nutrition and training and I went on to take 1st place in my very first contest, which was the IFBB South Brazillian Body Fitness Championships in 2005. After that first show I was in love with the sport!”

Putting the sport to one side for just one second, I can’t possibly talk to you without asking you about your experience working for Playboy back in 2003…
“Oh yes…I was really fortunate to get the opportunity to appear in Playboy Brazil 3 times. It is not easy to be in that magazine because there are so many beautiful girls trying to get into it. I had 8 pages and a poster in the December 2003 issue. I was actually Miss December Playmate in 2003. I don’t think I would do it again though, besides which, now I have a more athletic and toned body and Playboy doesn’t really go for that look. Plus, I was looking for something more solid to base my future on…”

And that future really began to unfold when you moved to the USA. How did you find that initial change of cultures?
“It was very exciting for me. In Brazil there are no real opportunities in my sport and I couldn’t really see myself doing other things. I love to compete and in the USA I have so many opportunities to live my dream. The hardest part for me was leaving my friends and family.”

Your first roommate turned out to be Brazilian Muscle Queen, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Monica Martin. How did that union occur?
“I met Monica through a mutual friend who introduced us. She taught me everything about the sport, photo shoots and videos…she knows everything! She is a great friend and I am so glad that I found her.”

Turning to your workouts, how do you go about preparing for a show?
“For a figure contest I start dieting about three months before the show. I train six days a week and make sure that I do cardio twice a day for 45 minutes each time (I like to do it when I wake up and before I train). I train hard because I believe you always have to give your best in everything you do. It is truly my passion and I feel good when I train.”

Any advice you would like to offer on the subject of workouts?
“For me there is no ‘best workout plan’ because you will not find a magic formula to become a champion in this sport. My advice is plain and simple…stand in front of your mirror and analyze your body. Discover your flaws and see which parts need more work. It is a big mistake following other people’s workout plans because we are all unique and have different genetics. You have to be patient and also go to a good trainer who can give you any advice you may need.”

And diet?
‘Once again, genetics play a huge role when it comes to planning your diet. For me I eat what every serious competitor eats…meat, eggs, whey, vegetables and few carbs. Diet is a continuous and changing process. What is good for me may not work for you…”

Getting personal again…let’s face it Larissa you are pretty hot (classic understatement!). Now all female competitors attract a large fan following but have you ever had any who have, shall we say, attempted to cross boundaries?
“I sometimes get fans that follow me around when I am at shows or try to follow me to my hotel but I really don’t get any trouble. People are usually very polite and respect my privacy.”

Talking of fans, I am sure there are a few out there who want to know if you are currently ‘attached’….

“Yes I have a boyfriend…”

I am sure a few hearts just sank at those words! That aside then, what do you look for in a partner?
“I look for someone who is kind and honest. Someone who is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. That is the best man.”

Okay, getting back to business…many female bodybuilders choose to include ‘soft porn’ on their websites these days and do ‘sessions’ as a source of extra income. How do you feel about that?
“It is very hard for women to make money in the sport and get sponsors. I am lucky that I have a good sponsor in NUTREX but I suppose if they are happy doing what they do then why should I care? It is not for me, but then again it is also not for me to judge…”

Do you think that you may branch into movies at some point?
“I am already looking at some roles, playing a sexy girl but very dangerous! It is something I really want to try but I have to work on my English first as it is not very good.”

So tell us something about Larissa Reis that may surprise us….
“I am very spiritual. I am a Buddhist. I think that is why I received all the benefits that I have in my life. People have to believe in something to help them achieve their goals.

My role model is Nitrien Daishonin. He dedicated his life to teaching others about peace, love and harmony. His wisdom has helped many people lead positive, happy lives. He is very special to me and he has changed my life as well.”

Any final words of advice you would like to pass on…
“I think all people are different and that by improving your body you can also improve your life and your spirit. I always like to change myself, to be a better person with good energy and good health. Also, if you want to compete you have to be open to making changes in your life. Don’t think that you can create a world class physique in one month or that there is a magical shortcut. Be patient and learn everything you can about training and dieting and, most importantly…never give up!”

Larissa Reis can be contacted via her website