Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Suzanne Germano was not always into fitness in fact she is legally blind (not blond) and stopped P.E. class in the 4th grade. She has a congenital condition called Achromatopsia ( On her website she explains:

“Legally blind means that even with correction your vision is worse than 20/200 which is the biggest E on the eye chart. Due to this condition, I have reduced visual acuity 20/400-20/600, severe light sensitivity and am totally color blind. This has affected my life in many ways; for example, I have never driven, I never did sports or PE throughout my school years and I have a very difficult time recognizing people or being able to see if they are waving to me for example.”

By the time she was 31-years-old, little 5’1″ Suzanne was 185lbs. She thought fit people were just born that way and diets and the gym only meant yo-yo dieting. At 32-years-old she gave in to trying out the gym. Over the next 6 years she dedicated her life to change. She stumbled a few times but always came back to changing her life. After she lost 65lbs, people began to ask if she competed; she didn’t at the time, but she started getting interested and got ready for her first show.

In March 2002, I competed in my first bodybuilding contest at age 38 and placed 2nd place in novice light weight and 3rd in masters. I have continued competing ever since, and in June 2009 I placed 1st in middleweight and won the Overall in Women’s Bodybuilding at the NPC Jr Nationals. In November 2009 I competed at Nationals and placed 4th in middleweight.

Competition History

2009 NPC Nationals
Women’s Bodybuilding: MW 4th
2009 NPC Jr Nationals
Women’s Bodybuilding: Overall
Women’s Bodybuilding: MW 1st
2007 NPC National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships
Women’s Bodybuilding: LW 10th
2007 NPC Jr Nationals
Women’s Bodybuilding: LW 2nd
2006 NPC Emerald Cup
Figure: Class A 9th
2006 NPC San Diego World Gym Classic
Figure: Class A 2nd
Figure Masters: Overall
Figure Masters: Short 1st
2004 NPC Border States
Figure: Class A 8th
Figure Masters: Short 6th
2004 NPC Tournament of Champions
Figure: Class A 4th
Figure Masters: Short 8th
2003 NPC San Diego Worl Gym Classic
Women’s Bodybuilding: LW 6th
Women’s Bodybuilding: Masters 6th
Women’s Bodybuilding: Novice LW 3rd
2002 NPC California
2002 NPC Orange County
2002 NPC San Diego World Gym Classic