2002 NPC Nationals Backstage

2002 NPC Nationals Backstage

Here’s a trip down memory lane…..the 2002 NPC Nationals held in Dallas, November 22nd and 23rd, 2002. Then NPC competitor Sarah Dunlap, took control of the stage winning the heavyweight class and her IFBB Pro card. Sarah went on to win the overall, besting the lightweight winner Susan Fancini and middleweight winner, Jeannie Paparone, both newly crowned IFBB Pro’s for winning their respective classes.

Some other notable women from that evening included..

Lightweights: Dawn Riehl, Pam Kusar, Michelle Davis and Shannon Rabon.
Middleweights: Elene Seiple-Petricari, Angie Salvagno, Carrie Ledford, Norma Nieves, Tricia Travis, Gale Frankie and Terri Harris.
Heavyweights: Sherry Smith, Tatianna Butler, Heather Policky, Sonya McFarland, Bonnie Priest, Beverly DiRenzo, Gina Davis, Sylvia Cowan and Kelly Felske.

Enjoy the chaos backstage. Photos courtesy of Women’s Physique World!

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