Darushka Poonian

Darushka Poonian
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DarushkaPoonianTake a little South African and mix in just the right amount of East Indian and you get the amazingly beautiful Darushka Poonian. Now living in Republic Malta, Darushka spends her time building her beautiful physique and beautifying the scenery of her Mediterranean island home.

Darushka has always loved muscle but never trained until joining a gym in 2011. Hard to believe that a pair of 2kg tinkerbells, was all it took to hook Darushka on bodybuilding and training. Homeless at the time, she had no friends or family to turn to, but was able to find refuge in the gym. Darushka admits, being new, she had no idea how to train, what exercises to do, or even how to do them. But, she was there everyday. She wanted to belong somewhere, to fit in, to feel whole again and she found all that in the gym.

As Darushka began to see changes in her body, her love for training and the sport grew. Without a trainer, she read and researched training methods, experimenting with different techniques to improve her physique.

Aspiring to turn Pro, Darushka continues to work on her training methods. She wants to see herself progess and reach new frontiers in the sport for one reason. It’s how Daruhka Poonian is!

Darushka’s current training includes going heavy on large muscle groups. She also incorporates high intensity and volume training, going has heavy as possible. She loves the burn. She will also add in super and giant sets, stating that she just can’t live without them. But admits taht she get’s crazy waiting for the next set.

Having gone from homeless to the competitive stage, Darushka is proof, that nothing is impossible, “Take every chance you get, good or bad, and make it into an opportunity. There will be people that hate you and those that love you. As long as you do what you do, respect and appreciate life. You don’t need any approval.”

“Bodybuilding has made me who I am, tough as it gets I get tougher, hard as it is I get stronger,” she adds.

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  1. Joseph Pace  July 19, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    She is really keen about bodybuilding and is the most motivated female bodybuilder I have ever met apart that she is very humble and down to earth. Keep up your good work.


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