Arnold Classic Countdown

We are less than two weeks away from the 2010 Arnold Classic…the competitor lists have had a few adjustments, but currently stand with some AMAZING competition. The Arnold classic is the only show that a competitor has to apply for in order to compete. Each of the other IFBB shows an athlete only needs to send in a contract, except for the Olympia, where an athlete needs to place top three in a ‘qualifying’ competition.

2010 Entries – Ms. International

Heather Armbrust – Withdrew
Lisa Aukland
Dayana Cadeau
Iris Kyle
Debi Laszewski
Zoa Linsey
Mah-Ann Mendoza
Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia
Jeannie Paparone
Betty Pariso
Alina Popa
Brenda Raganot
Antoinette Thompson – Added (pictured)
Elena Shportun-Willemer
Dena Westerfield

2010 Entries – Fitness International

Myriam Capes
Regiane Da Silva
Nicole Duncan
Tina Durkin
Allison Ethier
Bethany Wagner – Added
Adela Garcia
Tracey Greenwood – Withdrew
Oksana Grishina
Jennifer Hendershott – Withdrew
Tanji Johnson
Julie Palmer
Kayde Puckett
Camala Rodriguez
Sylvia Tremblay
Kizzy Vaines
Trish Warren

2010 Entries – Figure International

Monica Brant
Cristiana Casoni – Added
Krissy Chin
Alicia Harris
Candice Houston
Heather Mae French
Monica Mark-Escalante
Angela Mraz
Jessica Putnam – Withdrew
Larissa Reis
Kristal Richardson – Withdrew
Felicia Romero
Rosa-Maria Romero
Sherlyn Roy
Mindi Smith
Erin Stern
Kristina Tauti
Kim Tilden
Andrea Watson
Latisha Wilder
Nicole Wilkins Lee

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