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Janet Layug: Fitness Nurse

I started my fitness journey just like anyone else. I worked out and I was making decent progress on my own. I was doing pretty well and even won a few swimsuit and beauty pageants. I always loved health and fitness, which drew me to a career in nursing, but while I was working as a nurse I heard Flex Magazine was holding a bikini model search and I decided to take a shot at pursuing my passion for fitness professionally. However, I knew I had to step my game up if I was going to be able to make such a big career shift.

Merle Mohr

Merle Mohr: Bodybuilder With Sights Set

Merle Mohr, 29-years-old, is an amateur bodybuilder from Germany. Now living in Atlanta, Ga, she is working with BOD TV, a production company looking to bring bodybuilding back on the air. She also works as a personal trainer. Her views on health are not exclusive to bodybuilding. On her MySpace she says: