Tue. Feb 27th, 2024


Beginning Program:

The barbell curl done strictly or with cheating is the fundamental exercise for building bicep mass. The barbell curl continues to be a part of the exercise program from the beginning to the end. This is the only way to keep building muscle mass and thickness and maintain it. Dumbbell curls are also recommended from the beginning because the exercise allows one to twist the wrist, giving one a more total contraction and helping to acquire the fullness of shape of the muscle.

One arm curls are recommended as well right from the beginning. In doing these, lean a little to the side steadying oneself with one hand to allow for a free range of movement concentrating totally on each bicep in turn, which one can not do working both arms at the same time.

Advanced Program:

In advanced training, you will continue to build additional mass, but here you are concerned with creating separation and shaping the entire bicep. If your biceps lack length, work on lengthening them. Should your biceps are not peaked, work on developing height. Should they not be thick enough, make them thick! Incline dumbbell curls are the best exercise for building up the shape and quality of the biceps. You will also get a greater stretch capacity in the muscle. The concentration curl is specifically designed for creating bicep peaks.

The more you progress you can begin to superset your exercises, cutting down the intensity by shortening the time intervals. It’s a good idea to biceps and triceps, giving an enormous pump to the arms and makes one feel huge. You can also handle heavier weights for triceps when your biceps are pumped, which gives a kind of cushion to bounce off with each tricep rep. Besides mass building barbell curls, one also needs to do incline curls. This will help develop the lower part of the muscle. You will also need additional cable and dumbbell work, which will allow you to twist your wrist and shape the muscle more fully.