Mon. Dec 11th, 2023


Let’s face it, big biceps are very sexy on both men and women. When you’re out with your friends and you tell people you’ve been working out, they will always ask you to flex your biceps! It’s kind of a measurement of how powerful and muscular you are. If you have big biceps, think of how good you’ll look in the summer wearing a tank top or cut-off sleeves! Now imagine your big biceps with a tan! Definitely an eye-catcher.

Big Biceps Along with chest and back, bodybuilders have always considered massive arms to be the most impressive body part, a measure of outstanding size and strength. When people look at photos of bodybuilders, their attention is usually drawn to the biceps. In order to have impressive arms, you need to work hard at it, which means breaking the muscle down into separate categories and making sure that each gets its share of hard training.

When we picture a well-developed arm, we tend to think of huge, pumped biceps, but the truth is that the triceps are a larger and more complex muscle group than the biceps. The perfectly proportioned arm usually consists of two-thirds triceps and one-third biceps. Like other body parts, the arms no matter how big they get, need to be shocked into responding for total development. Employ variety, change and as many of the Shocking Principles as possible. This will help you get the kind of arms you are working out for.

Bicep length is important, many people do reverse curls as a forearm exercise. This exercise also increases the length of the biceps. The muscle should extend almost to the elbow and swoop into a full and powerful looking curve. It is also important to change hand positions as often as possible when doing curls, this is so to completely stimulate the different areas of the biceps.

The barbell curl locks the hand; the dumbbell curl lets one rotate the hand. The reverse curl brings the hand up in a palm down position. Lifting a dumbbell with the thumb placed on top in a type of hammer curl hits the brachialis directly and is vital for complete bicep development.

Add variety to your bicep workouts by utilizing different types of equipment: the Arm Blaster; a straight bar; and E-Z curl bar; a preacher bench; a prone bench; barbells; dumbbells; cables and machines. The major error in biceps training is lack of full movement. There is no other body part in which training for a full range of motion is so vital. You will restrict your range of motion by doing things such as lifting your elbows up or holding them too far back and therefore not getting a wide enough arc for the exercise to be effective.