Thu. May 23rd, 2024

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Pauline Nordin’s approach
Little do I care about what is scientifically proven to be the best way to work out, to eat, to sleep, to feel, to be. When I meet up at the beach with the rising sun as my only companion I make myself run, run and run until my heart tells me to slow down. Then I ask my heart ‘would you stop if the one you love was dying and you had to run for his life?’ I then keep on running, my lungs feel like exploding, I’m on a high.

Every day I go to the gym I’m there to outperform myself. I cannot let myself have doubts. What I ask from my body my body gives back. It doesn’t know the word no because I don’t recognize the word no when I’m training.
There are no too heavy weights, I just need to keep on trying to lift them. I put my fear aside and get into machine-mode. It’s just weights, they won’t kill me, they are easy if I want them to be. My muscles and joints cannot see them, they are all blind, so I promise them they can take the load because there is no other way.