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Georgia McConnell: G Mack the 20 year old Powerhouse


With her bulging muscles and intense fitness regime, Georgina McConnell is definitely not your average girl.

While many 20-year-old girls are mooning over boy bands and sleeping in until midday, McConnell is focusing on eating right and never missing a workout in order to sculpt her already sizeable frame.

The British teenager began training at a young age with the goal of getting “thin and toned”.

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Female Biceps Still a Big Thing

Female Bodybuilder and Female Biceps. You may not have one without the other (guns)!

Fun on the Pilates Machine


ILOVEFEMALEMUSCLE on Facebook, the largest community of female bodybuilders and athletes in the Facebook community.

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns for Women


“Step 1
Sit facing the lat pulldown machine with your knees locked under the roller pads. Grip the pulldown bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and palms facing forward. Lean back slightly from the waist keeping your back straight. (Not sure how much weight to use?)

Step 2
Inhale and then exhale as you pull the bar down in front of your face until it reaches your upper chest.
Step 3
Inhale as you return to the starting position.” SOURCE

Different Training Needed for Different Body Types. What body type are you?

It is important for you to stick to the basics until you get to know how your body responds to weight training. People do not respond the same exact way to training and what works for one type will not necessarily work for another. One method of categorizing body types recognizes three different physical types and it is called “somatotypes”.

The ectomorph: short upper body, long arms and legs, long narrow feet and hands, and very little fat storage. This body type has a narrow chest and narrow shoulders and long, thin muscles.

The mesomorph: large chest, long torso, solid muscle structure and very strong.

The endomorph: short musculature, round face, short neck , wide hips, and heavy fat storage.

No one is totally one type but a combination of all three types. Any body type can be developed with the correct training and nutrition however people with different body types will need to approach their training with different objectives, even though they may all have the same goals.
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Lori Blue Jeans Semi-Retro Gallery

private gallery on facebook, click continue reading
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TalkLive Fantasy Audio Story (Full)

Picture 1Here is one reader’s comment on this story when first aired on the Internet:

“This story is very playful and warm. It reminds me of young children together, but thereís also a cool, unstated moral. Even though Rain abuses Carol’s trust by trashing her clothes and shoes without the slightest hint of guilt, Carol maintains their friendship through what amounts to a compassionate, but firm, self assertion. Though we donít know much about the girls’ history, a hint of sexual attraction grounds the moral in basic human desire. There’s also a classic struggle and victory lesson. This is one of Loriís most natural sounding performances. Some very cute grunts and groans, too!”

Carol/Rain Audio CLICK HERE

Create your own fantasy by calling one of our TalkLive Wrestlers at >800-225-3539.

Interview With Female Muscle Giant Lori Braun

Lori Braun is many things, but first and foremost she is the reigning queen of female muscle. Lori’s websites include Female Muscle, a power house female bodybuilding site, and of course the Lori Braun Blog.

Some call Lori eccentric, some call her wildly creative, but no one calls her dull. And if you don’t believe me, see for yourself. She can be found dancing on a bed or flexing in the shower on Youtube.

Downtownkate is interviewing Lori Braun.

DK: Did you jump on your bed when you were a kid?
LB: Always! Like a maniac with my brother we jumped from bed to bed singing Beatles songs.

DK: Were your parents hippies?
LB: Yes. But not dirty hippies. More like 60’s intellectuals.

Read Entire Interview Here

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Pumping Iron Will Fatten Your Wallet

This is a pretty boring artlcle, but I thought it might be worth reading. Just read it fast like I did. When you workout, it makes you happy too. It’s easier to get a job when you are happy. Try not to have a silly fake smile on your face though like I do in the photo below.

Many experts will tell you that being unemployed and on the hunt for a new job can provide a lot of new opportunities and new ways to evaluate your career and what you REALLY want to do with your life.

I’ve heard from many job seekers who have told me that being laid off in some ways was a wakeup call to them. The first month of being laid off showed them how much of their previous working lives were consumed with stress, career ambition, late nights at the office, travel, unhealthy snacking and little, if any physical activity!

One job seeker told me that it took him being laid off to realize he had forgot the ages of his young children.

Click here to read more of Lori’s “Pumping Iron Will Fatten Your Wallet”

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Butt Workout by Lori Victoria Braun

How to Get Glorious Gluts!

There are two types of guys in this world: guys who like breasts and guys who like butts.

We all know the only way to get really big breasts is through enhancement surgery known as breast augmentation. That’s a real drag, considering how dangerous and expensive it is. To some of us, it’s all worth it, but to others it’s just too risky, undesirable and unnatural.

Let’s talk about butts! To have the perfect round, hard melon shaped bottom you don’t have to have anything implanted! Thank god! We can all have fabulous posteriors! All it takes is a little simple exercise, consistency and proper eating habits. Why be one of those people who always wishes that they had a great behind, when you can have one! So, let’s get to it!

Deep Bucket Squats:

You can do these on a Smith Machine or under a regular squat rack. The deeper you go, the more you will work your gluts. Keep your heels planted and push off when you come up, breathing out as you do. You want to start light and work your way up to heavier weights. Two warm-up sets of 15 reps each and four sets of 12-15 reps. This totals six reps.

Click Here for our Glutes Gallery

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Busting at the Seams…Doesn’t Get Any Better!

“I like to have 8 straps on my dress in case a few break when I flex” ~Lori Braun

Lori is at it again! But, what we love is she is a women who goes out prepared! No wardrobe malfunction for her!

Use this link to Follow Female Muscle on Facebook and be apart of the new movement of the most dedicated site to women and muscle.

A TalkLive Muscle Fantasy Transcript

Call MeCall 1-800-222-FLEX(3539)

My huge muscles were covered with sweat and I wanted to take a shower. I stood up, grabbed a towel, and used it to cover my naked pecs. My abs were rippling with 6 solid boxes of hard fight muscles. I walked down to the shower room and turned on the water. It felt so good running all over my hot, sweaty muscular body. I flexed my big biceps and watched them bulge. Then I looked down at the rest of my massive, muscular body and admired myself. My pecs and quads and calves were bulging and beautiful. My muscles were so pumped, that I know they looked incredible. I did a double bicep shot and a few other sexy poses, so I could watch my bulging muscles ripple. I had no idea that I was being watched, until I heard heavy breathing coming from the doorway to the shower room.

Call 1-800-222-FLEX(3539) to hear more.

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