Whitney McVeda

Whitney McVeda

26 year old figure competitor, Whitney McVeda, was always active in school sports; track, volleyball and wrestling. But after shool, like most, she gave up the active lifestyle and gained weight through college.

After college Whitney grew tired of being depressed, overweight and constantly putting herself down. Moving to LA she decided to pick herself up and hired a trainer. Making impressive gains and getting fit, athletic self back, Whitney decided to compete. Since her first show in 2010, she has done 7 shows, 3 of them National level.

Whitney has completely left her former body and unhappiness in the dust. She is now extremely happy and very motivated. Her goal is to some day become and IFBB Pro and eventually own her own gym.

Whitney’s diet is very boring. She eats the same thing, day in and day out, at exactly the same time every day. Her food consists mainly of tilapia, bison, white and brown rice, asparagus and egg whites. Boring yes, but she loves the routine. This type of structure is exactly the lifestyle she needs and enjoys.

Whitney’s motivation to train, is looking back to where she was before competing. It’s a place she doesn’t want to revisit, nor the person she wants to become again.

“I love the feeling of lifting heavy, the pump, the muscle fatigue. There’s nothing more satisfying to me in the world. This is what I live for.”

Watch for Whitney on stage as she continues to hone in her physique, which may include a move to the Women’s Physique division as she continues to pack on the size.

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