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Janet Layug: Fitness Nurse

I started my fitness journey just like anyone else. I worked out and I was making decent progress on my own. I was doing pretty well and even won a few swimsuit and beauty pageants. I always loved health and fitness, which drew me to a career in nursing, but while I was working as a nurse I heard Flex Magazine was holding a bikini model search and I decided to take a shot at pursuing my passion for fitness professionally. However, I knew I had to step my game up if I was going to be able to make such a big career shift.

Fitness Violinist: Emily V. #notyourtypicalviolinist

L.A. Based Rock 'N' Roll Violinist, Emily V, is “one of the most unique, eccentric and exciting violinists of our day”. Born and raised on the central coast of California, Emily was brought up on every genre of music. Classically trained, Emily made her way to Southern California and became a musical force to be reckoned with. Her ability to improvise guitar solos on the violin and her magnetic stage presence creates an experience unlike anything you have ever felt and seen before. She is the Hendrix of violinists. Check out her YouTube to see life footage, music videos, collaborations and more! 🎻 Come Say Hi: Website - http://www.emilyvmusic.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/emilyvmusic Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/emilyvoffic... 🎻 Tours and performances: ▪ Monkey Finger ▪ Lukas Nelson and The Promise of The Real ▪ Blind Melon ▪ Nik Hughes (Bush) ▪ Eric Dover (Slash's Snakepit, Alice Cooper) ▪ The Adicts ▪ Walter Trout (The Walter Trout Band, John Mayall, Canned Heat) ▪ Willie K ▪ Johnny Avila (Oingo Boingo) ▪ David Shelton (Don Felder) ▪ Stevie DiStanislao (Crosby, Stills, Nash, David Gilmour, Loggins and Messina) ▪ Wade Biery (Joe Cocker, Roger Paltry, Don Felder) ▪ Jorgen Carlsson (Gov’t Mule) ▪ Travis Warren (Blind Melon) ▪ Todd Wolf (Beth Hart) ▪ Jimmy Paxson (Stevie Nicks) ▪ Mike Malinin (Goo Goo Dolls) ▪ Michael Leasure (Walter Trout) ▪ Matt Hughes (Warren Haynes) 🎻 Channel tags: #violin #music #EmilyV #notyourtypicalviolinist