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Female Athletes

Andrea Pasutti

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In 2008 I was just coming probably the most depressing confusing part of my life. Struggling through school with a very sick alcoholic father watching him kill his self slowly as I was doing the same slowly to my own self, self abusing myself was the only way I knew how to cope with my emotions! Living in a nightmare that I thought it could never change! The last month I decided that I wanted to start to love myself and live life I went to the doctors. The doctor told me that my liver was about to shut down, I had no white blood cells, my hair was falling out rapidly, my skin was peeling off is chunks and my knee caps were bigger than my freaking thighs, I was under 80lbs! He said “if you don’t get help you are going to die!” I have never been so scared! I fought through it all myself because I was on a mission to become something amazing and start living a whole new healthy life style! Here I am now loving life and everyone around me!

Female bodybuilders: Society – Dating – Muscularity

WHICH TYPE OF FIT, MUSCULAR OR ATHLETIC WOMEN TURNS YOU ON THE MOST? Finally, a step by step way for you to meet, attract, date, seduce – and even be in a relationship with the athletic women that you have dreamed about

Barbara Jean Blank

Barbara ‘Barbie’ Jean Blank a/k/a WWE’s Diva: Kelly Kelly

Barbara ‘Barbie’ Jean Blank, the small town girl who has become so much more. We all know her for her In-Ring Name ‘Kelly Kelly’, but what truelly lies behind the name? Born January 15, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida, Barbie has a background of gymnastics and cheerleading which she shows off every week on WWE TV. The once hopeful broadcast journalisti who now appears on our screens as a WWE Diva was signed to WWE in 2006 where she peformed weekly strip tease was on the ECW Brand, she was sent to WWE’s developmental territory – Ohio Valley Wrestling where she would continue to train to improve on her Wrestling skills. During the start of her ECW career, she became the Valet (And Girlfriend) to Mike Knox, who would begin to weekly interupt Kelly Kelly’s stripteases (Known as Kelly’s Exposé).