Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
Andrea Pasutti

Andrea Pasutti

In 2008 I was just coming probably the most depressing confusing part of my life. Struggling through school with a very sick alcoholic father watching him kill his self slowly as I was doing the same slowly to my own self, self abusing myself was the only way I knew how to cope with my emotions! Living in a nightmare that I thought it could never change! The last month I decided that I wanted to start to love myself and live life I went to the doctors. The doctor told me that my liver was about to shut down, I had no white blood cells, my hair was falling out rapidly, my skin was peeling off is chunks and my knee caps were bigger than my freaking thighs, I was under 80lbs! He said “if you don’t get help you are going to die!” I have never been so scared! I fought through it all myself because I was on a mission to become something amazing and start living a whole new healthy life style! Here I am now loving life and everyone around me!

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Why I Love It:

I love it so much because it really got my life together and made me make the right choices to keep me healthy and happy! Working out is my life I wake up every morning so driven (it scares me sometimes) to give it all I got in the gym and show myself up! I hope to show people you can overcome anything if your focused and really believe in yourself!

How I Stay Motivated:

I stay motivated by just being healthy and that makes me think clear keeps me spirit high! Also thinking about how I was before…. Even I hate thinking that was me but it only made me where I am now, so strong and I feel like it made me believe I can do anything with my life now!