Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Kortney OlsonKortney Olson is an American-born bodybuilder and athlete.

She made her competitive bodybuilding debut at the NPC Contra Costa Classic in November 2011.

Olson migrated to Australia and became Australia’s first ever female arm wrestling champion in 2012.

Olson has been the subject of many TV documentaries showcasing her strength and muscularity, including Stan Lee’s Superhumans season 3 – High Voltage, where scientists claimed in testing that she had the ‘strongest thighs on the planet’.

Kortney is also the founder of Kamp Konfidence, a camp which empowers, encourages and improves young girls and women wellbeing.

Number 1 issue growing up:
Hating my legs. I always felt bigger/different than everyone else.
Your hero:
My Dad. Even after finding out he had a brain tumor, he made a joke out of it. never complained about being a victim.
What you wanted to do growing up:
First female president of the U.S.A
One thing you could change in the world:
Greedy and dishonest people running massive corporations.
Favourite food: Nuts. Swear I was a squirrel in my past life.
Best quality in a friend: Honesty
Worst quality in a person:Selfishness
Number 1 pet peeve: People who tailgate. get a grip!
Dog or Cat: Dog without doubt.
Best advice you can give to someone younger:
1. It’s progress not perfection. 2. Stop comparing: you’ll be better than someone else, and they better than you. 3. Whoever told you Women ‘bulk up’ when they lift weights, LIED. If you lift things like washing machines on a regular basis and take lots of steroids, then maybe. But physical strength is one of my proudest achievements.