María Inés Hernández

María Inés Hernández
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María Inés HernándezFrom Guadalajara, Mexico, 41 year old María Inés Hernández has been training for 15 years. Working out is not only her hobby, it’s her career, passion and life! She hold a degree in physical education and teaches aerobics and is a personal trainer.

María dedicated herself to sports and an athletic lifestyle at a young age. She has trained in gymnastics, karate, pole dancing and swimming.

Her other hobbies include riding motorcycle.

In 2015 María competed in bikini and figure/fitness, placing 4th in both. She has focused her training on making some needed improvements and plans on stepping back on stage in the near future.

María coaches herself and develops her own diet, which is low in carbohydrates, and her training regimen. She is currently training 6 days a week.

María says, “No matter your age, with discipline and patience, you can reach your fitness goals.”

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