Madeleine Johansson

Madeleine Johansson

Gothenburg, Sweden born, now living in Larnaca Cyprus, Madeleine Johansson has made the commitment to living a healthy and fit lifestyle. This 32 year old Nordic beauty started working out a year ago. Seeing quick results, Madeleine decided to take things to the next level and compete.

Madeleine made the move over to one of the biggest gyms in Cyprus, DP Sports Club, where she met her coach and nutritionist Demetris Patsalos. Seeing her potential, Demetris quickly changed up her nutrition and training to focus more on her desire to compete. His program is called the DP Method which utilizes high reps with low weights, numerous supersets and dropsets, and is very focused and concentrated. Using this training style, Madeleine did double training sessions a day for 5 months going into her competition.

A month ago, Madeleine entered her first competition, the IFBB Cyprus, placing 4th. An excellent showing for a first time competitor, she is now more motivated than ever and is currently working to improve on her physique and plans on entering another show in just 4 months.

We wish Madeleine great success on stage and look forward to following her competitive career.

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