Sun. Dec 10th, 2023


Important training tips:

1. To avoid injury, you should always do a light warm-up set of 15 reps before each exercise.

2. Dropset- When you exchange a heavy weight for a lighter one in the middle of a set in order to gain more reps this is called a ‘dropset’. Dropsets are optional and are to be done as the last set of each exercise.

3. Smith machine- Many of these exercises; such as flat bench presses, the incline bench press, shoulder presses, squats and lunges can be done on what is known as the Smith machine for variation.

4. Supersets- When you train two muscle groups together, one after the other such as biceps-triceps, chest-back, quads-hamstrings, calves-tibia.

5. Reps- When you start each exercise your reps (repetitions) should be high. By your third or fourth set, as you increase the weight you should drop the number of repetitions.

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