Tue. Feb 27th, 2024


The Austrailians really know how to put on a show. The 2009 INBA Natural Olympia took place in Gold Coast, QLD Australia. The host hotel even sounds like heaven: Mantra Legends and just happens to be on the corner of Surfers Paradise Blvd. But, it’s the itinerary that gets me. There is a party EVERY NIGHT!! There was an opening party Thursday night, “includes judging of Female & Male Sportsmodel Divisions & Guest Posing from various Countries”, a Friday night pre party “for our SportsModels and Divas and maybe those who still need to drop a little water?” and major after party on Saturday!

The show was a first class event with incredible planning down to the minute. Simular to the IFBB Olympia there were VIP opportunities to meet and mingle with the stars of the weekend. The INBA has also recently adopted the single suit round for figure (physique) division that the NPC has been adhearing to this past year.

The turn out for the show was awesome. The competitor list was an international resume, but at the end of the weekend there were single winners:

Sports Models Women
1.Emily Troise
2.Carla Donovan
3.Justine Swaitalla

Master Figure International 40+
1.Helen Longmuir
2.Catherine McGillivray
3.Carita Costa USA

Masters Men 40+ Short Class
1.Matt Nicholson
2.Carlos Azevedo
3.Paul Anderton

Master Ms Physique 40+
1.Sam Attrill
2.Karen Flaherty
3.Karren Crossan

Master Men Tall Class 40+
1.Bradley Cope
2.Made Suteja
3.Roger Waters UK

Masters Women Bodybuilding 40+
1.Debbie Urquhart
2.Fimka Hampson
3.Debbie Keen

GrandMasters Figure International 50+
1.Kay Wiseman
2.Cheryl Farrell
3.Jenny Madders

Overall Master Figure International
Kay Wiseman

GrandMaster Men Short 50+
1.Ian Bowden
2.Basilio Leong
3.Terry Sawa

Grand Masters Ms Physique 50+
1.Marlene Henderson NZ
2.Kay Wiseman
3.Karen Jessop

GrandMaster Men Tall 50+
1.Tony Haranas
2.Joe De Monet
3.Wayne Britton

GrandMaster Women Bodybuilding 50+
Joy Crockett

UltraMaster Men 60+
Steve Rosenbaum NZ
Carey Greentree
Duncan McLean

UltraMaster Ms Physique 60+
1.Christina LaSota
2.Karola Parsons
3.Janice Lorraine

UltraMaster Womens Bodybuilding 60+
1.Janice Lorraine
Cheryl Miller

Overall Master Ms Physique
Sam Attrill

Super UltraMaster Men 70+
1.Dieter Horn

Overall Master Men
Bradley Cope

Women’s BodyBuilding Class 1
1.Melissa Pearson
2.Monika Greich
3.Darlene Garber

Women’s BodyBuilding Class 2
1.Jennifer Miller
2.Fimka Hampson
3.Tania Inwood
4.Jody Curtis

Overall Womens Bodybuilding
Debbie Urquhart

Professional Men
1.Kiyoshi Moody USA
2.Michael Waddington AUS
3.Joel Ramintas AUS

Ms Fitness
1.Rebecca Tarzia
2.Cleo Brown
3.Elise Thomson

Standing Disabled
1.Andy Harrison
2.David Buckmaster
3.Clayton Turner
4.Mark Dalliston

Junior Men
1.Nathan Wallace
2.Ben Wortley
3.Jordan Boddam-Whetham

Figure International Open Class 1
1.Bailee Doolan
2.Nicky Jacobson

Mens Open Class 1
1.Shawn Mason
2.Thomas Anderson USA
3.Joel Ramintas

Ms Physique Open Class 1
2.Karen Flaherty
3.Gemma Irving

Figure International Open Class 2
1.Natalie Braic
2.Michelle Witomski
3.Wendy Young

Open Men Class 2
1.Justin Firgaira
2.Stan Tautalonoa
3.Owen Batty

Ms Physique Open Class 2
1.Natalie Braic
2.Sam Attrill
3.Karla Gambell

Figure International Open Class 3
1.April Witt USA
2.Belinda Wasowwski AUS
3.Kristen Ey AUS

Open Men Class 3
1.Phillip Hodgson
2.Nathan Wallace
3.Mike Sloan

Ms Physique Open Class 3
1.Clare Ross
2.Leonie Mischewski
3.Rebbeca Micich

Open Mens Class 4
1.Kiyoshi Moody
2.Jason Konrath
3.Obi Akintaju

Overall Amateur Figure International
Natalie Braic

Overall Amateur Ms Physique
Janet Kane

Overall Amateur Mr Natural Olympia
Kiyoshi Moody