Understanding the power of you

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What a great freedom, to have the ability to do whatever you see fit with your body, regardless of how others feel about your choices. What a great country we live in when you can decide to go against the grain and “do you” in whatever way you choose.

Working out with weights has always been considered a “man’s sport”. Women have been expected to remain dainty and soft with curves that have nothing to do with muscle and more so to do with cooking, eating and having babies. Nowadays, women have decided that they can be soft but also strong and independent in work and in play. Some decide on muscularity and can have it if and when they choose. Even more than that, women have decided that they can be muscular, have babies and still carry on. However, it’s not for the purpose of rising above “man” but to show themselves that they too are worthy of strength, yet can remain feminine and “woman”.

Seeing women train with weights is not as common as seeing men. This would explain the fascination of women weight training in the gym. In general, women seem to accept and adhere to the negatives of society and therefore, choose to view weight training and building muscles as masculine. For this very reason, women for-go the weights. Their idea of exercise is Pilates, Yoga and lots of cardio instead. This is many women’s idea of remaining feminine. Put a weight in their hands, and start a firestorm, not just because of the fear of building muscles but the fear of being viewed and boo’d by the world. For these women, their decisions are filled with limitations because they tend to only make their decisions with the approval of others.

Women possess so much power but often use it in ways that yield little to no benefit. Many times, women choose to use that power to tear each other down. They don’t stop to think that this is their reaction to what frightens them. Sadly, even with the freedoms in this country, there are still those who choose to belittle those who choose to be different. Although they don’t see this as fear, it can be defined as an uneasiness that sparks questions within themselves, although, they will never admit to it. If it’s so repulsive, why do they stare? That’s the question of the day.

Female muscle is beautiful. In fact, it’s not only beautiful, it’s healthy. What’s even more beautiful are the women who are not afraid to wear it. There is so much strength in having the ability and discipline to be consistent and push your limits to places you never even knew existed. How do you get there? By doing what you want to do and not what everyone else thinks you need to do. Sometimes you will have the support you need. Sometimes it will be a lonely road. Either way, the biggest supporter of you, should be you. If you decide to build your body, you must put yourself in a frame of mind that resists what is going on “out there” and concentrate on what you have inside. You will need to feed your mind powerful thoughts through vision, and train your way to its reality.

Developing yourself through building muscles is a very rewarding experience when you take that step. It teaches you that you can rise above any negative set back that creeps into your life. You learn this lesson by pushing yourself to do just one more rep, to add just one more pound to the bar, to dig just a little deeper, that it causes you to push through all of those limiting thoughts and beliefs you carried all of this time. Once you get through the limitations you’ve held in front of you like a stop sign, you will begin to understand your power. It has been said that there is strength in numbers and this is true. But the biggest truth is that real strength is in the number of times you’ve fallen, gotten back up and moved through it.

Anita Munday    Article Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/female-muscle-understanding-the-power-of-you





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3 Responses to "Understanding the power of you"

  1. Mark Pearse  June 26, 2014 at 7:35 pm

    Thanks for the advice on the phone Lauren!

  2. Freeman  June 27, 2014 at 11:53 am

    That is one hell of a nice back!

  3. Samantha  December 21, 2015 at 2:42 pm

    Beautiful body. I wish I had the power to reveal mine, it’s there, just under a diet of 6 ~ 8 weeks! I just can’t seem to do it. This was an inspirational piece though. I’ve had enough of “what if “.


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