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On June 21, 2002, Lori Victoria Braun and the staff of threw their first, of many, live events, FEMALEMUSCLE LIVE, at the chic and stylish Bungalow 8 in New York City. fans began arriving at 7p.m. for a show scheduled to kick off at 8p.m sharp. The general public and press were free to meet and mingle with the celebrity performers, and informal photo sessions and posing spontaneously sprung up all around a dance floor which is normally reserved for dressed-in-black New Yorkers to dance to the latest in techno and house music.

Many female bodybuilders were in the audience to watch the celebrities perform for the first time in such an open and unique venue. Among those in the crowd were Gayle Moher, Andrulla Blanchette, and Teagan Clive. Teagan brought along a VH-1 camera crew who had been following her around as part of an upcoming VH-1 program. The Event was also featured in Time Out New York and the New York media gave good coverage to the event.

Meanwhile in the dressing room Nicole Bass, Lauren Powers, Heather Foster, Michelle Ivers, Kathy Connors and Grace Rivera were rehearsing a show that would later amaze the crowd with a truly spectacular display of strength, beauty, and a stylish informality that constantly kept the audience connected and entertained.

Lauren Powers, in outstanding garb, welcomed the audience precisely at 8pm and continued throughout the evening to co-host the Event with the one and only Nicole Bass, standing at six foot two and weighing in at two hundred thirty pounds of pure rock hard muscle. Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg have nothing on Nicole! She rocked the house with her enthusiasm, energy, and humor.

The six celebrity bodybuilders performed for over three hours, with an intermission for dancing, autographs, photo and video shoots, and just plain meeting and fun. The Act 2 performances were especially sizzling, with Heather Foster’s creative and sexy performance leaving many in the audience speechless. Another event highlight was the tongue in cheek routine of Lauren Powers, who brought a male audience member to the stage, sat him abruptly down on a chair, and made him a very real part of her act.

Although keeping a low profile throughout the event, the audience nevertheless began a spontaneous “LORI, LORI, LORI” chant midway through the final act, and Lori Braun took the stage to thank the guests and performers once again for coming and being part of such a wonderful night. The guests and celebrities were left with great memories and are surely looking forward to more great Femalemuscle Live events in the very near future.

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