Tue. Feb 27th, 2024


Hammer Curls:

Hammer curls are done in the same manner as dumbbell curls except that the palms are directed inward and stay the same throughout the entire movement. That way you are training the forearms along with the biceps.

Alternate Dumbbell Curls:

Isolating the biceps of each arm, alternate dumbbell curls are variations of regular dumbbell curls in which one curls the dumbbell alternately with one arm and then the other. This will give you extra isolation so that you can focus on one arm at a time and keep cheating to a minimum.

Standing upright with a dumbbell hanging in each hand at arm’s length, curl one weight forward and up while holding the elbow steady at the waist, slightly twisting the wrist, bring the thumb down and pinky finger up. This will give the biceps the utmost contraction. Curling the weight as high as possible, control bringing it back down following the same arc. At the same time curling the other weight up so that both dumbbells are moving. Twist the wrist of the other hand as you bring the weight up. Continue alternating curls until you have accomplished the necessary reps with both arms. Be sure to fully extend and contract the arms to get the fullest range of movement possible.b.

Concentration Curls:

One of the best ways to peaking the biceps, concentration curls create maximum height (peak) in the biceps, especially the outside of the biceps. A very strict movement for height not definition, feel free to use as much weight as you can manage. The term ‘concentration’ curls is significant, because you do really need to concentrate on the contraction of the biceps and on being strict in order for the exercise to be effective.

1. From a standing position, bend slightly taking a dumbbell in one hand, resting your free arm on your knee to stabilize yourself.

2. Curling the weight to the deltoid without any motion in the upper arm or elbow, make certain not to allow the elbow to rest against your thigh. While you are lifting, twist the wrist so the pinky finger winds up higher than your thumb. Tense the muscle to its fullest at the top of the curl, slowly lowering the weight. Resist the weight all the way down to the arm’s fullest extension. At the top of the curl the biceps receive the complete stress caused by the weight. Do not curl the weight to your chest. The weight must be curled to the shoulder to work the high outside of the biceps.

Two Hand Cable Curls:

Attaching a bar to a floor level cable and pulley, take hold of the bar with and underhand grip keeping the hands shoulder width apart. Keep your elbows firm at your sides while extending the arms out and down until the biceps are stretched completely. Curling the bar upward do not let the elbows move! Bring the bar just under the chin then contract the biceps on top as hard as you are able and slowly lower the bar until your arms extend downward fully with the biceps stretched. A shaping rather than a mass building exercise, the key here is to do the exercise slowly with accurate, smooth and fully controlled motions.

Cable Curls with Preacher Bench:

In order to do this exercise using a preacher bench sit placing the arms over the bench, holding them steady as you curl the weight up lowering it again slowly. Resist the weight all the way down.

Reverse Curls:

Good for forearm development as well, this exercise is designed primarily for the development of the outside biceps.

1. Stand with feet a few inches apart, grasping the barbell with an overhand grip and holding it down in front of you at arm’s length.

2. Keep your elbows steady, curling the weight out and up until the bar is even with your chin. Lower the weight along the same arc while resisting it all the way down. With the bar gripped this way you are putting the biceps in the position of a mechanical disadvantage, that is you will not be able to curl as much weight. This reverse grip makes the top of the forearms work really hard. Reverse curls for the biceps as opposed to the forearms do not start with any kind of reverse wrist curl. Keeping the wrist steady as you curl the weight up, note that the thumb is held on top of the bar, which helps workout, the outside brachialis. As always, good luck developing huge guns!