Tue. Feb 27th, 2024


The Border States Show was incredible…the girls came in fantastic shape! The top three qualify for the 2010 Olympia…Congratulations Girls! This season is off to an amazing start!

1. Felicia Romero
2. Kristi Tauti
3. Krissy Chin
4. Kristin Nunn
5. Akane Nigro-Ismeal
6. April Rountree
7. Carin Hawkins
8. Meriza DeGuzman
9. Ann Titone
10. Sabrina Gibson
11. Christina Vargas
12. Jennifer Dejoya
13. Crystal Chiles
14. Stephanie Togrul
15. Valerie Gangi
16. Ann Pratt
17. Maria Del Consuelo Rojas

Terry Goodlad from BodySport.com made his predictions early and was right on! He pegged first and second, and while he wavered on third, he leaned in the same direction as the judges. These were his thoughts:

“One strong candidate for 3rd is Krissy Chin. This is quite probably the best she has ever looked as an IFBB pro. She completely turned herself around from being excessively lean the past couple years then started the transformation early this season to a fuller, less muscular, and far more pleasing look. She hit it on the nose here for sure.”

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