Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

The 2009 Houston Pro Figure was held this past weekend on August 29 and offered $6,000 prize money. In a non-surprising victory that I must obnoxiously mention that I predicted , Heather Mae French her second ever pro show after winning the 2009 California in May.

heather mae french ifbb pro houston

Image via MD, click here for their gallery of this event, or click here for our gallery of Heather at the 2009 Arnold

Full Results:

1. Heather Mae French
2. Erin Stern
3. Meriza DeGuzman
4. Krissy Chin
5. Katina Maisterllis
6. Tivisay Briceno
7. Nicole Pitcher-Scott
8. Rosa-Maria Romero
9. Petra Mertl
10. Michelle Craven
11. Hazal Nelson
12. Sherlyn Roy
13. Christina Vargas
14. Candice Houston
15. Laura Sutter
16. Sabrina Gibson
17. Jacqui Jarrett
18. Karen Mullarkey
19. Allison Jones-Williams
19. Denise Starling-Steele
19. Susanne Bock