Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Female bodybuilder Cassandra Floyd was kind enough to catch up with Female Muscle while rushing from the Atlantic City Pro to the Olympia Weekend. Thanks Cassandra!

Lori Braun: What was it like winning your pro card?

Cassandra Floyd: It was a validation that all the hard work and dieting finally came to fruition. By the way, this is my second Pro Card. I was a former WNBF Pro Light Weight for over 10 years. But, I put things in perspective. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day. The process of training at another level is required. I am patient, so I will be on top at some point in time in my career.

Lori Braun: You just hit the stage at the 2009 Atlantic City Pro. Will you be competing again this year? And if so, what are your goals?

Cassandra Floyd: No more shows for 2009.I now have to focus on school and work. My full-time job pays the bills and not this sport. I have to keep everything in perspective.

Lori Braun: What first got you interested in bodybuilding?

Cassandra Floyd: Actually, I use to watch my dad lift weights in the den part of our home growing up. I would sneak and take the lightest one and do bicep curls. Then in high school and college I would go work out with the guys and they pushed me. So after college I joined a World’s Gym and a group of powerlifters took me under their wings. They stated I had the genetics for bodybuilding, so I did my first NPC show in 1989. Won my class and the overall. So I was hooked from that time until present.

Lori Braun: Is there anything that you remember the powerlifters teaching you that you still use in your training today? Such as training techniques or philosophies?

Cassandra Floyd: Technique is so important. Deadlifts are the best but if your feet are not set properly, you can injure yourself. Major lower back pain. Always wear a belt to support your back. Wrap your knees.

Lori Braun: What advice can you give women who want to lift weights and get toned, but who fear lifts like the deadlift and bench press?

Cassandra Floyd: My advice to all women: you have the control to take your body to the level that suits you. You have to incorporate weights to get toned or to firm up the muscle. Deadlifts and bench press are not totally necessary, always. You can use dumbbells with high reps and less rest between sets. You must also add some type of cardio exercise to your routine.

Lori Braun: What are the most important aspects of gaining muscle for a new female lifter who wants to compete?

Cassandra Floyd: The most important aspect of gaining muscle is nutrition. Eating the right foods. Getting plenty of sleep.

Lori Braun: What guidelines do you recommend for daily protein intake?

Cassandra Floyd: I can only recommend what works for me because everyone’s body is different. Off season I split 75% protein and 25% carbs. My carbs stay low all year round. When I prepare for competition my protein is 85% protein and 15% carbs. This is what works for me.

Lori Braun: You mention in your bio on your website that you were bullied when you were younger. Tell us about that…and how did it motivate you?

Cassandra Floyd: Well. I grew up in the Jehovah’s Witness religion which was very strict at the time. We were not allowed to be around school mates after school if they weren’t part of that religion.

So kids at school would want to come over to play, and each time I told them no, my parents would mot allow it. And I could not go to their homes as well. So I was picked on because they felt that I was too good to be around them which wasn’t the case.

I was a major tom boy growing up because I have 9 brothers. I fall number 11 out of 16. There’s 4 boys in front of me 2 after me. I didn’t have a sister to hang out with. I would play every sport they played: flag football, regular football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball , kickball. I was always thin but muscular. I use to watch my father lift weight and I would mimic him. I would sneak and pick up the lightest weight possible. I had a plan for the girls and boys who would always made fun of me.

Basically, the plan was to kick their butts. This was my inspiration to start lifting weight.

Lori Braun: What does it feel like now when you meet an old friend (or enemy) and they see what great condition you’re in… I imagine everyone is now your friend?

Cassandra Floyd: To answer your question, I can’t say I have enemies. If they are out there too bad. I live a very simple life and I was raised open minded and color blind. I give people the same respect they give me. It does give me pleasure when I visit my hometown and see some of my classmates who where very popular in school and to see them fat out of shape. Also they look like they have 10 years of aging on me. Such pleasure!

Lori Braun: You just came back from the 2009 Olympia Weekend. What’s the best and worst part about the Olympia weekend for you?

Cassandra Floyd: The best was seeing the reaction from the men’s finals. Jay and Branch made night and day improvements from last year. Dexter was basically pissed on stage. The bottom line size and condition made the Olympia this year. It was judged fairly. The worst…it ended too soon. I worked at the Europa booth this year with Denise Masino. Had a blast… just didn’t want the fun to end.

Thanks for your time.

Lori Braun: Thank you Cassandra!