Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Eleonora has a commanding presence, an amazing physique, and she is downright beautiful. She is a WBFF’s Pro fitness model, personal trainer/online coach and she is quintessentially SHREDDED.

In Her Own Words

When I was first born, I remember everybody was incredibly tall and talked to me like I was an idiot. Naturally, I had to grow up to be a bit of a rebel! (HA-HA!)…..

Any way to be serious I see some people get confused about where I was born and where I lived , mostly now because I live in Canada Toronto. I added my city Krasnodar ,Russia because this is really where I was born and I was there only till 3 years old , then my parents move to Moldova, as before it was Russia there was no confusion. But after 1992 every damn city became independent and create their own government LOL… so now when I see Russian sites where I already shining from their pages 😀 proud !!! VERY!!!

There people who asking where exactly my HOME…hahaaaaa Iam not sure if I have a home , because once you leave your country your home is everywhere 😀 But just to be clear, i was BORN in RUSSIA Krasnodar, and then I move to MOLDOVA KIshinev, where I lived and studied till 21 years old. So i hope there will be no more questions, as people start calling my FB profile fake , its not fake this is me, one person , and my profile is the ONLY ONE on FB :D.